Veterans' Insurance: Hearings Before the Subcommittee on Insurance and [sic] of the Committee on Veterans' Affairs, House of Representatives, Eighty-seventh Congress, First Session, on H. R. 108 [and Others] June 13, 14, and 15, 1961

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Page 1047 - That in any case in which the Administrator finds that the insured's failure to make timely application for waiver of premiums or his failure to submit satisfactory evidence of the existence or continuance of total disability was due to circumstances beyond his control, the Administrator may grant waiver or continuance of waiver of premiums...
Page 891 - That the United States shall bear the expenses of administration and the excess mortality and disability cost resulting from the hazards of war. The premium rates shall be the net rates based upon the American Experience Table of Mortality and interest at three and one-half per centum per annum.
Page 865 - veterans" is agreed to mean persons who have been determined by the Veterans' Administration to have served in the organized military forces of the Government of the Commonwealth of the Philippines while such forces were in the service of the armed forces of the United States pursuant to the military order of the President of the United States, dated July 26, 1941, including...
Page 848 - ... and while the payment of any premium is not in default, shall be paid monthly disability benefits from the first day of the seventh consecutive month of and during the continuance of such total disability of $10 for each $1,000 of such insurance in effect when such benefits become payable.
Page 891 - The Fifth Amendment commands that property be not taken without making just compensation. Valid contracts are property, whether the obligor be a private individual, a municipality, a State or the United States. Rights against the United States arising out of a contract with it are protected by the Fifth Amendment.
Page 859 - ... of premiums and evidence satisfactory to the Administrator showing such person to be in good health at the time of such application.
Page 848 - Administrator shall prescribe, to include in any national service life-insurance policy on the life of the insured provisions whereby an insured who is shown to have become totally disabled for a period of six consecutive months or more commencing after the date of such application and before attaining the age of sixty...
Page 850 - Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That chapter 5 of title 37, United States Code, is amended as follows: 1.
Page 1046 - Upon application by the insured and under such regulations as the Administrator may promulgate, payment of premiums on insurance may be waived during the continuous total disability of the insured, which continues or has continued for six or more consecutive months, if such disability began (1) after the date of his application for insurance, (2) while the insurance was in force under premiumpaying conditions, and (3) before the insured's sixty-fifth birthday.
Page 997 - NSLI, rather than the nonparticipating insurance previously available to these veterans under the circumstances described in section 602 (c) (2) of the National Service Life Insurance Act of 1940, as amended by the Insurance Act of 1946 (Public Law 589, 79th Cong.).

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