Video Displays, Work, and Vision

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Along with the widespread use of computers have come growing fears that working in front of video display terminals (VDTs) can irritate and even damage the eyes. Separating scientific fact from popular opinion, this report takes a critical look at the link between VDT use and eye discomfort and disease as well as at changes in visual performance and oculomotor function. Drawing on information from ergonomics, illuminating engineering, and industrial and organizational psychology, the report gives practical advice on optimal workstation design to improve the comfort, performance, and job satisfaction of VDT users.


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Executive Summary 1
Critique of Survey Methodology 30
Radiation Emissions and Their Effects 44
Display Characteristics 66
Modulation Transfer Function 83
FlatPanel Displays 94
Filters for VDTs 104
Lighting and Reflections 111
Visual Tasks Functions and Symptoms 143
The Special Task of Reading 150
Summary and Conclusions 171
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Design Practice and Standards for VDT Equipment and Work 194
Research Needs 214
B Review of a Preliminary Report on a CrossSectional Survey of 227
Dissent 235

Anthropometry and Biomechanics in VDT Applications 129

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