Videotherapy and Other Stories

Front Cover, Jul 15, 2008 - 58 pages
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This small volume contains seven unique stories by Ashutosh Ghildiyal. These stories can be categorized as satirical, psychological, existentialist and philosophical in their scope and breadth. In these stories, both humor and seriousness are intertwined, which is reflected in the bizarre situations and the kind of dialogues the characters get into. Through their simple and minimalist narration, these stories manage to produce a distinct effect on the mind, by prompting the reader to think and feel in a way most of us are not accustomed to doing but which is in no way alien to our natural structure.The language used is not flowery or very descriptive but is straightforward and direct with its own natural rhythm. The style is not copied from elsewhere and is not in any way an imitation of any previous trends. It manages to be simple, original and direct without being too experimental

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