Views of the Most Interesting Collegiate and Parochial Churches in Great Britain: Including Screens, Fonts, Monuments, &c., &c, Volume 1

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Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green, 1825 - Church architecture
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Page viii - records a name, Which shines with more exalted fame. Reader, if genius, taste refined, A native elegance of mind, If virtue, science, manly sense, If wit, that never gave offence, The clearest head, the tenderest heart, In thy esteem, e'er claimed a part— Ah ! smite thy breast, and drop a tear, For know thy
Page 13 - garnished, at the north end of the High Altar; between that and Mr. Clopton's little Chappel there, in a vacant place of the wall, I think upon a Tomb of one of his ancestors, the said frame •with the tapers, was set near to the steps going up to the said
Page 88 - of Worcester, and became Hermits. The enthusiasm spread so rapidly that their number soon increased to three hundred ; when, forming themselves into a Society they agreed to live according to the Order of St. Benedict, and elected Aldwin, one of their company, to be Superior.
Page 13 - hand, signifying, I think, that he containeth the whole round world; and, in the Tabernacle at the south end, there was a fair image of our Blessed Lady, having the afflicted body of her dear son, as he was taken down, off the
Page 12 - At the back of the High Altar, in the said Church, there was a goodly mount, made of one great Tree, and set up to the foot of the window there, carved very artificially, with The Story of Christ's Passion, representing the horsemen with their swords, and the footmen, &c.
Page 12 - they used Christ on the Mount of Calvary, all being fair gilt, and lively and beautifully set forth. To cover and keep clean all the which, there were very fair painted boards, made to shut to, which were opened upon high and solemn Feast Days, which then was a very beautiful shew ; which painted boards were there set
Page 14 - being fast day; and Tuesday, being a fish day, they had a breakfast with butter and cheese, &c. at the Parsonage, and a drinking at Mr. Clopton's by Kentwell, at his Manor of Lutons, near the pond in the Park, where there was a little Chappel, I think of St. Anne,
Page 60 - and a maide,) departed this life, at Nonsvch in Svrrey, the 13th day of Sep. Ao. dni. 1626. She attended vpon the Right Hoble Joyce, Ladie Carew, Covntesse of Totnes, as her waiting gentlewoman, ye. space of 40 years together. Being very desirovs in her life tyme, that after her death she might be laide in this Chvrch of Stratford,
Page xiv - here ; A clothier virtuous while he was In Lavenham many a yeare. For as in lyfe he loved best The Poore to clothe and feede, So with the riche and all the .reste He neighbourlie agreed ; And did appoint before he died A special yearly rent, Which should be every Whitsontide Amongst the poorest spent.