Village Life in China: A Study in Sociology, Volume 50; Volume 556

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F. H. Revell Company, 1899 - China - 360 pages
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Page 237 - It will be theirs neither to do wrong nor to do good. Only about the spirits and the food will they have to think, And to cause no sorrow to their parents.
Page 66 - In a certain case of warfare involving two different Counties, as to the right to make a bank to prevent inundation, several lives were lost and a formidable lawsuit resulted. The occurrences were of such a dramatic character that they were woven into a play, which was very popular at a little distance from the scene of the original occurrence. The representation of historical events, by Chinese theatres, may be said to be one of the greatest obstacles to the acquisition of historical knowledge by...
Page 363 - James Gilmour of Mongolia. His Diaries. Letters and Reports. Edited and arranged by Richard Lovett, MA With three photogravure portraits and other illustrations. 8vo, cloth, gilt top 1.75 " A vivid picture of twenty years of devoted and heroic service.
Page 71 - I do not open up the truth to one who is not eager to get knowledge, nor help out any one who is not anxious to explain himself. When I have presented one corner of a subject to any one, and he cannot from it learn the other three, I do not repeat my lesson.
Page 81 - The attention of the scholar is fixed exclusively upon two things, the repetition •of the characters in the same order as they occur in the book, and the repetition of them at the highest attainable rate of speed.
Page 366 - Romance In South Central Africa. Being an Account of a Journey Across the African Continent, from Benguella on the West Coast, to the mouth of the Zambesi. By James Johnston, MD With 51 full-page photogravure reproductions of photographs by the author, and a map. Royal 8vo, cloth, boxed $4.00 " Dr. Johnston has the courage of his opinions gained by what he has seen. . . . The merits of this volume are incontestable The photogravures are as novel as they are excellent."— The New York Times.
Page 237 - Sons shall be born to him ; They will be put to sleep on couches ; They will be clothed in robes ; They will have sceptres to play with ; Their cry will be loud. They will be (hereafter) resplendent with red knee-covers, The (future) king, the princes of the land. Daughters shall be born to him ; They will...
Page 71 - I asked one thing, and I have got three things. I have heard about the Odes. I have heard about the rules of Propriety. I have also heard that the superior man maintains...
Page 218 - It has always been the rule that those should take who have the power and those should keep who can, and no man possessing this power ever stayed his hand for abstract considerations of justice.
Page 71 - Have you heard any lessons from your father different from what we have all heard ? " 2. Pih-yu replied, "No. He was standing alone once, when I passed below the hall with hasty steps, and said to me, ' Have you learned the Odes ? ' On my replying

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