Vinaya texts: Volume 13

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Clarendon Press, 1881 - Religion
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Page 96 - This, O Bhikkhus, is the Noble Truth of the Path which leads to the cessation of suffering : that holy eight-fold Path, that is to say, Right Belief, Right Aspiration, Right Speech, Right Conduct, Right Means of Livelihood, Right Endeavour, Right Memory, Right Meditation.
Page 95 - Bhikkhus, is the Noble Truth of the Cessation of suffering: (it ceases with) the complete cessation of this thirst, — a cessation which consists in the absence of every passion, — with the abandoning of this thirst, with the doing away with it, with the deliverance from it, with the destruction of desire.
Page 93 - The Tathagata, O Bhikkhus, is the holy, absolute Sarhbuddha. Give ear, O Bhikkhus; the immortal has been won (by me); I will teach you, to you I will preach the doctrine. If you walk in the way I show you, you will, ere long, have penetrated to the truth, having yourselves known it and seen it face to face; and you will live in the possession of that highest goal of the holy life, for the sake of which noble youths fully give up the world and go forth into the houseless state.
Page 359 - Parti. 1o*. 6d. Vol. II. The Sacred Laws of the Aryas, as taught in the Schools of Apastamba, Gautama, VasishiAa, and Baudhayana. Translated by Prof. GEORG BUHLER. Part I. IOS. 6d. Vol. III. The Sacred Books of China. The Texts of Confucianism.
Page 233 - This person NN desires to receive the Upasampada ordination from the venerable NN (ie with the venerable NN as his Upajjhaya or Upadhyaya). If the Samgha is ready, let the Samgha confer on NN the Upasampada ordination with NN as Upajjhaya. This is the natti.
Page 106 - Jivaka took that suit and went to the place where the Blessed One was; having approached him, and having respectfully saluted the Blessed One, he sat down near him and said: "Lord, I have a boon to ask of the Blessed One.
Page 85 - To this people, therefore, who are given to desire, intent upon desire, delighting in desire, the law of causality and the chain of causation will be a matter difficult to understand; most difficult for them to understand will be also the extinction of all...
Page 84 - The two merchants, conceiving in their minds the holiness of the conqueror of Mara, bowed down in reverence and said: "We take our refuge, Lord, in the Blessed One and in the Dharma.
Page 113 - Go now and wander for the gain of many, for the welfare of many, out of compassion for the world, for the good, for the gain and for the welfare of gods and men. Let not two of you go the same way. Preach...
Page 127 - This suit is made of the best cloth, and nobody is worthy to receive it but the Blessed One, the perfect and holy Buddha, or the Magadha king, Senija Bimbisara.

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