Virtual Dreaming

Front Cover
Artmedia Publishing, 2008 - 24 pages
This document is a summary of three clinical research studies exploring the benefits of virtual dreaming in therapeutic applications: a study in pain management, a study in post traumatic stress disorder, and a study in insomnia. Lucid Dreaming is the rare situation when a dreamer is aware they are dreaming and manages to remain asleep. Often in these situations the dreamer has remarkable control of the environment and course of events within their dreams, and this is also the goal in virtual dreaming. The combination of the feeling of control involved in lucid dreaming and the comforting buffer of being aware one is only dreaming makes for an ideal therapeutic arena. With the completion of the first clinical studies of the Virtual Dreaming technology interest in Virtual Dreaming as a new treatment for a range of neurological disorders has grown rapidly. This book was produced in response to the growing interest in this new technology. It is hoped that the information contained in this book will encourage others in the field to do more research into the applications and effectiveness of Virtual Dreaming.

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