Virtualism, Governance and Practice: Vision and Execution in Environmental Conservation

James G. Carrier, Paige West
Berghahn Books, 2009 - 196 pagina's
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"Many scholars who examine large-scale environmentalist organisations highlight the knowledge/power and governance that underlie organisations' policies and projects as virtualising efforts to bring the world into conformity with their environmentalist thought and vision. This important collection reveals how the concerns of those critics are justified on one level, but not on another. The contributors not only examine howenvironmental organisations seek this world of conformity, but also show how these organisations are constrained in their ability to achieve their goals. The collection argues that the critics' concern with knowledge/power, governance and virtualism seems justified when we look at those organisations' environmentalist visions, policies and programs. However, they are much less justified when we look at the practical operation of such organisations and their ability to generate and carry out projects intended to reshape the world." --Book Jacket.

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Virtualism and the Logic of Environmentalism
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Shaping the Human Element in
The Knowledge Problem in the Millennium
Caribbean Responses to Global Trends
Local Stakeholders and Environmental
Can the World Be Micromanaged?
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Over de auteur (2009)

James G. Carrier has taught and done research in Papua New Guinea, the United States and Great Britain. For the past decade he has studied the relationship among local fishers, conservationists and the tourism sector in Jamaica. He has published extensively on this research and on environmental protection generally. Paige West is Associate Professor of Anthropology at Barnard College, Columbia University. She had conducted research on the linkages between environmental conservation and international development, the material and symbolic ways in which the natural world is understood and produced, and production, distribution, and consumption of various commodities. Her work is focused on Papua New Guinea.

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