Visiting the Strange Planet Called Earth

Front Cover Publishing, Incorporated, Jun 1, 2005 - Fiction - 212 pages
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Terry Johnson is a young, attractive reporter over her head. Her mentor, CIA agent Nicolas Kusiac, gets ambushed. Her life and the fate of modern civilization are in peril. She is helpless to prevent a horrendous plot by General Wong of the Chinese army, al-Qaeda and organized crime to instigate a nuclear holocaust. Kar arrives from Kiron and contacts Captain James Nash, who is flying a secret jet aircraft. Nicolas Kusiac's assistant, Agent Scott Brady, tips Terry Johnson off about the breach of security. She uses Scott to get in with the military, as to recruit Captain Nash as her ally. Kar commandeers Captain Nash while Terry visits General Wong of the Chinese army. Terry is taken to Wong Island where she is used to help entice a USS bombing of Wong Island, as for the purpose of incriminating propaganda. She is also targeted for assassination. Only the advanced technology of the Kironians can prevent a nuclear holocaust. Kar needs nuclear fuel to return to Kiron. The Kironian and Captain Nash become allies. They team together to get nuclear fuel, save Terry Johnson and prevent the nuclear holocaust.

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