Visitors: A New Look at UFOs

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iUniverse, Jun 22, 2007 - Interstellar travel - 203 pages
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For more than six decades we have been trying to unlock the secrets of the flying saucers. A third generation of investigators is now doing its best in this venture, but is using the same outmoded, ineffective methods as those that failed in the past. Since 1947 most have sought to establish that UFOs come from an extraterrestrial world in our universe, a few researchers have suggested the unknowns hail from other dimensions, a hollow Earth, undersea civilizations or that they are occult manifestations. Could it be that every investigator has been proceeding from a false assumption? Why does there have to be a single, all-encompassing explanation? Do medical researchers seek after a single strain of bacterium to explain all infectious disease? Do cryptozoologists search for just one unidentified genus to account for all sightings of mysterious creatures? Both of these disciplines seek various answers to account for the life forms they study. It is time for ufologists to follow this example and assign each case history to the category relevant to it.The appearances and activities of the disks and their occupants appear too varied for them all to hail from a single point of origin. Although the demonic scenario appears to be the major cause of flying saucer phenomena, it is unlikely the only one. It is time for ufology to broaden its search and look for multiple answers.

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