Vivisection: Five Hundred Dollar Prize Essays

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1891 - Vivisection - 43 pages
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Page 38 - That experiments must be performed with a view only to the advancement by new discovery of knowledge, which will be useful for saving or prolonging human life, or alleviating human suffering.
Page 28 - Absolutely painless 75 As painful as vaccination 20 As painful as the healing of a wound 4 As painful as a surgical operation 1 Total 100 * " Medical News,
Page 20 - He believed that many of them would become cruel and hardened, and would go away and repeat these experiments recklessly. Science would gain nothing, and the world would have let loose upon it a set of young devils'.
Page 39 - ... of the mysteries of life.'" Sir James Paget thought it intolerable that he might pay a ratcatcher to poison the vermin about his place, and not be permitted to use them for the good of mankind, or that he should have to appeal to a Government official for leave to prick a mouse. Dr. Lauder Brunton was engaged in England in experimenting with the poison of venomous serpents, when restrictive legislation was introduced and put an end to them. But the Government that introduced the legislation supplied...
Page 25 - Let him not strike, great King ! " and therewith loosed The victim's bonds, none staying him, so great His presence was. Then, craving leave, he spake Of life, which all can take but none can give, Life, which all creatures love and strive to keep, Wonderful, dear and pleasant unto each, Even to the meanest ; yea, a boon to all Where pity is, for pity makes the world Soft to the weak and noble for the strong.
Page 44 - Organ of the American Humane Education Society and The Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.
Page 9 - Experiments have never been the means of discovery — and a survey of what has been attempted of late years in physiology, will prove that the opening of living animals has done more to perpetuate error than to confirm the just views taken from the study of anatomy and natural motions.
Page 40 - Nothing [in this act] herein contained shall be construed to prohibit or interfere with any properly conducted scientific experiments or investigations, which experiments shall be performed only under the authority of the faculty of some regularly incorporated medical college or university of [the state of New York] this state.
Page 40 - Those who are familiar with such investigations know that, in point of fact, the exhibition of pain in an experimental laboratory is an exceptional occurrence. As a rule, all the cutting operations are performed under the influence of ether, and the animal is as completely unconscious of what is going on as the human patient while suffering an amputation. A visitor might frequent such a laboratory for a long time without hearing a cry or seeing a struggle, excepting such as are directly caused by...

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