Vivisection Or Science?: An Investigation Into Testing Drugs and Safeguarding Health

Zed Books, 1999 - 209 Seiten
After years of himself practising animal experimentation and vivisection, a leading medical researcher concludes in this book that the traditional reliance on these techniques is scientifically misplaced. Professor Croce documents in detail how the scientific anti-vivisection movement has constructed a rational, as opposed to a sentimental or ethical, argument. He highlights the increasing dangers to human health resulting from the animal experimenters' assumption that the biological systems of humans and other species are sufficiently similar for valid biomedical comparison. For the medical researcher, he provides an introduction to the range of alternative methods, including epidemiological research, computer simulation and in vitro techniques.

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The modern antivivisection movement II
a case in point
can animal experimentation help to avoid

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