Vocational Exploration Group: Theory and Research, Volume 85

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U.S. Department of Labor, Manpower Administration, 1972 - Counseling - 84 pages

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Page 46 - There are two kinds of people in this world: those who are for the truth and those who are against the truth.
Page 46 - dead hero than to be a live coward. 15. While I don't likVto admit this even to myself, my secret ambition is to become a great man, like Einstein, Beethoven, or Shakespeare. .2. - 16. The main thing in life is for a person to want to do something important.
Page 45 - We have tried to cover many different and opposing points of view; you may find yourself agreeing strongly with some of the statements . disagreeing just as strongly with others , and perhaps uncertain about others; whether you agree or disagree with any statement, you can be sure that many people feel the same as you do.
Page 45 - I'd like it if I could find someone who would tell me how to solve my personal problems.
Page 45 - In a heated discussion I generally become so absorbed in what I am going to say that I forget to listen to what the others are saying.
Page 45 - Write +1 , +2, +3, or -1, -2, -3. depending on how you feel in each case . +1: I AGREE A LITTLE -1: I DISAGREE A LITTLE +2: I AGREE...
Page 45 - The highest form of government is a democracy and the highest form of democracy is a government run by those who are most intelligent.
Page 46 - In times like these it is often necessary to be more on guard against ideas put out by people or groups in one's own camp than by those in the opposing camp.
Page 45 - In a discussion I often find it necessary to repeat myself several times to make sure I am being understood.
Page 46 - When it comes to differences of opinion in religion we must be careful not to compromise with those who believe differently from the way we do.

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