Wörterbuch der Englischen Sprache ...: in zwei Theilen, Volume 2

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Friedrich Frommen, 1822

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Page 40 - We sometimes, according to the French manner, repeat the same article, when the adjective, on account of any clause depending upon it, is put after the substantive. "Of all the considerable governments among the Alps, a commonwealth is a constitution, the most adapted of any to the poverty of those countries.
Page 16 - To secure a contented spirit, measure your desires by your fortunes, and not your fortunes by your desires.
Page 414 - Sahlingi?, adv. 1. precipitously ; 2. suddenly. 3ab,n,/. (p(. -e) T. empty space in a grass-field, over which the mower has passed ; division of the vineyard for the purpose of manuring; felled timber laid in rows one upon another.
Page 518 - Oberhieb, m. — , f. (mon.), division of a mark of gold or silver into a certain quantity of equal pieces of money, Münzgewicht, n.
Page 260 - J)ed)Cl//. flax-comb, hatchel ; — tjebe/ /. flax-tow, flaxhackle ; — fraut/ n. flax-weed ; toad-flax, lady's laces; — ratlfe//. plucking of flax ; — riffel, /. ripple ; — r6fle//. steeping of flax ; flax watering time (season); lake or pond where flax is steeped ; — famen/ m.
Page 339 - I'll i: c, m. long piece of wood with iron spikes or iron chain at a coal-gin ; — fette/ /. chain of a gin (lever) ; — torb/ m.
Page 477 - ... pan containing combustible substances used to light up any place in the open air ; — faille//.
Page 276 - KTJU . , frankly, openly ; — fpredjen/ reben/ utttjeilen/ to speak, judge freely; — umtjerirren/ to roam at large. j$ret/ in compos. — lUtiT/ m. free ground, acre, to which no socage service is attached ; — bauer/ m. free peasant (exempt from all average or servitude to his landlord) ; — beuter/ m. freebooter, pirate; — beuterei//. freebooting, pillage; — beuterifd)/ adj. like a freebooter ; — brief/ m. charter, patent, licence, privilege ; passport ; — bur
Page 422 - ... n. chamber, court of the prince's chamber, supreme court of judicature ; exchequer (in England) ; bag faiferlirtje unb SRetdjS — geridjt }U SESeglar/ the imperial chamber of justice at Wetzlar ; — geritfjtgpraflbent/ m.
Page 581 - CHAUDRON, m., de pompe, plate of lead or copper, perforated with holes, to cover the bottom of a pump. CHAUDRONNERIE, /. coppersmith's or tinman's business; coppersmith's, tinker's wares. CHAUDRONNIER, «i. coppersmith ; tinker. CHAUFFAGE, m. fuel, firing; right of cutting fire-wood ; breaming a vessel ; 60

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