W. Gardiner's Catalogue of Antient [sic] and Modern Books, Many of which are Rare and Valuable, for Sale at 48 Pall Mall, Part 1

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G. Smeeton, 1812 - Books - 186 pages

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Page 33 - He was a man of admirable parts ; of general knowledge ; of a versatile understanding fitted for every sort- of business ; of infinite wit and pleasantry ; of a delightful temper ; and with a mind most perfectly disinterested. But it would be only to degrade myself by a weak adulation, and not to honour the memory of a great man, to deny that he wanted something of the vigilance and spirit of command that the time required.
Page 52 - Legation/ you are always entertained. He carries you round and round, without carrying you forward to the point but then you have no wish to be carried forward." He said to the Reverend Mr. Strahan, " Warburton is perhaps the last man who has written with a mind full of reading and reflection.
Page 9 - ... foreigners, must have perceived, that, even in the minds of those who condemn the act, the impression made by it has been far more that of respect and admiration, than that of disgust and horror. The truth is, that the guilt of the action, that is to say, the taking away...
Page 80 - Bookes: the first of Hawking, the second of all the proper termes of Hunting, and the last of Armorie : all compiled by Juliana Barnes, in the yere from the incarnation of Christ, 1486.
Page 9 - The truth is, that the guilt of the action, that is to say, the taking away the life of the King, is what most men in the place of Cromwell and his associates would have incurred. What there is of splendour and of magnanimity in it, I mean the publicity and solemnity of the act, is what few would be capable of displaying.
Page 1 - Historic of Cambria, now called Wales: A part of the most famous Yland of Brytaine, written in the Brytish language above two hundreth yeares past: translated into English by H. Lhoyd, gentleman: Corrected, augmented, and continued out of Records and best approoved Authors, by David Powel, Doctor in Divinitie.
Page 80 - Explicit," is the following colophon : — " Here in thys boke afore are contenyt the bokys of haukyng and huntyng, with other plesuris dyverse as in the boke apperis, and also of cootarmuris, a nobull werke. And here now endyth the boke of blasyng of armys, translatyt and compylvt togedyr at Seynt Albons, the yere from thincarnacion of owre Lorde Jhu
Page 70 - Wales, and he would have run a false gallop over his beads with any man in England, and help the priest sometimes " — as he did —
Page 20 - London, 1742. The Other Side of the Question; or, an Attempt to rescue the Characters of Queen Mary and Queen Anne out of the Duchess of Marlborough's hands.
Page 72 - The image of both Churches, Hierusalem and Babel, unitie and confusion, obedience and sedition.

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