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AuthorHouse, 2004 - Fiction - 136 pages
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It started as a classic teenage dream and drama with all its wingding trappings. Phillipa and Cynthia became arch rivals of some sort; in academia, sports, socials and then some. There were enough youthful exuberance, lasciviousness, tongue lashing, and gossips. Through it all, Cynthia held her head up but not without submitting to the frailty of bubbly youth. On impulse, she physically assaulted Phillipa and quickly bowed resignedly to regrets. But it would appear that her path would always cross with Phillipa's. She tried hard, but fell sway to the powerful urge to cultivate a relationship in the domain previously pockmarked with Phillipa's fingerprints. The cursing, the persecution, the psychosis, the tragedy, and the intrigue that culminated in a final rapprochement; all weaved intricately in the "Wacko." The plot is compellingly weaved in the most masterful fashion. In its peremptory, there's a thing or two for everyone. This short piece of work is a must read for the recreation seeker, and a keepsake for pedagogic minds.

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