Wage-earners by occupations

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Page xxv - ... rule of three, men who cannot write a common letter without blunders, men who do not know whether the earth is a sphere or a cube, men who do not know whether Jerusalem is in Asia or America. And to such men, men to whom none of us would entrust the key of his cellar, we have entrusted the mind of the rising generation, and, with the mind of the rising generation, the freedom, the...
Page xxiii - Factory life for women, save in extremely rare cases, saps the physical and moral health of the family. The exigencies of factory life are inconsistent with the position of a good mother, a good wife, or the maker of a home. Save in extreme circumstances, no increase of the family wage can balance these losses, whose values stand upon a higher qualitative level" (JA Hobson, Evolution of Modern Capitalism, Ch.
Page xxiv - ... than the soldier who fights for his country. The successful mother, the mother who does her part in rearing and training aright the boys and girls who are to be the men and women of the next generation, is of greater use to the community, and occupies, if she...
Page xxiii - Hobson, in summing up this question, regards the tendency of machine-industry to drive women away from the home as "a tendency antagonistic to civilization." The neglect of the home, he states, is, "on the whole, the worst injury modern industry has inflicted on our lives, and it is difficult to see how it can bo compensated by any increase of material products.
Page xxv - ... in one corner and a brood of chickens in another ; the only machinery of instruction a dogeared spellingbook and a broken slate ; the masters the refuse of all other callings, discarded footmen, ruined pedlars, men who cannot work a sum in the rule of three, men who cannot write a common letter without blunders, men who do not know whether the earth is a sphere or a cube, men who do not know...
Page xiii - Depreciation on buildings and equipment, calculated at three per cent of the former and ten per cent of the latter...
Page v - ... is paid salary, wages or other money allowance for his or her service, and whether employed by piece-work or by time (hour, day, week, etc.), at home, in a factory, or elsewhere.
Page v - being the amount or sum of money which one person employed by another receives for his service, whether the work done be professional, literary or handicraft.
Page xxiii - ... household is a necessary outcome of the industrial occupations of women is shown by present-day experience. An experienced observer, himself a socialist, remarks : — " The growth of factory work among women has brought with it inevitably a weakening of home interests and a neglect of home duties. . . . Home work is consciously slighted as secondary in importance and inferior because it brings no wages, and if not neglected is performed in a perfunctory manner, which robs it of its grace and...
Page xii - ... was, superficially at least, totally unlike the increase of wealth at the present time, where corn and cattle from all parts of the round world, between us and the antipodes, come pouring in on us at all times and seasons, and are consumed and disposed of as quickly at one point of the üircumference of the world as they are produced at another.

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