Wages in the United States, 1908-1910

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Macmillan, 1911 - Wages - 220 pages
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Page 225 - Monopolies and Trusts BY RICHARD T. ELY " The evils of monopoly are plainly stated, and remedies are proposed. This book should be a help to every man in active business life.
Page 208 - in view of all the evidence, it is fair to say that the adult male wageworkers in the industries of that section of the United States lying east of the Rockies and north of the Mason and Dixon Line receive a total average annual wage of about $600," and that " the average annual earnings of adult females in the same area is about $350.
Page 199 - For the unionized trades of New York State, for the coal industry of the United States, and by inference for the other industries of the United States, we may draw these conclusions: A.
Page 223 - It is designed to be a review of the whole field of municipal engineering and sanitation rather than an exhaustive study of one or a few branches of the subject. The most vital points, however, under each class of activities and interests have been dwelt upon, the underlying principles stated, and in many instances details from actual practice given.
Page 214 - What are wages?" For the available sources of statistics, and by inference for neighboring localities, the annual earnings (unemployment of 20 per cent, deducted) of adult males and females employed east of the Rockies and north of the Mason and Dixon Line...
Page 57 - On the other hand, more than one-third of all the adult males are paid wages under $500; more than one-half receive wages under $600; while nearly three-quarters receive less than $700 annually.
Page 213 - ... a year. . . . These figures are not accurate, however, since they are all gross figures — including unemployment. They should be reduced by perhaps 20 per cent, varying with the year, the location, and the industry. There may be no general agreement as to what reduction should be made — but some reduction is obviously necessary. Making, therefore, a reduction of one-fifth, it appears that half of the adult males of the United States are earning less than $500 a year; that three- fourths of...
Page 223 - ... detail such problems as public utilities, schools, libraries, children's playgrounds, parks, public baths and public gymnasiums ; also such questions as those of rapid transit, sanitation and the care of streets ; the latest experiments in municipal ownership and municipal administration are recorded. The discussion is from the standpoint of public welfare, and is based on repeated personal investigations in the leading cities of the United States. Despite its large interest for the general reader,...
Page 214 - ... receive more than that figure. A corresponding computation of the wages of women shows that a fifth earn less than $200 annually; that three-fifths are receiving less than $325; that nine-tenths are earning less than $500 a year; while only one-twentieth are paid more than $600 a year. " Here, then, in brief is an answer to the vital question — What are wages...
Page iii - An income of $900 or over probably permits the maintenance of a normal standard, at least so far as the physical man is concerned.

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