Wagner at the Smallville Woman's Club: An Entertainment in One Scene ...

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Walter H. Baker & Company, 1906 - 10 pages
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Page 13 - Six males, five females. Costumes, modern; scenery, three interiors. Plays two and a half hours. THE NOTORIOUS MRS. EBBSMITH J&T ',*> males, five females. Costumes, modern; scenery, all interiors. Plays a full evening. ™PDnFIIf"ATF Play in Four Acts. Seven males, five I
Page 17 - Costumes, modern ; scene, a single interior. Plays a full evening. Sent prepaid on receipt of price by Walter & Pafeer & Company No.
Page 16 - Price, i3 cents HOW THE CLUB WAS FORMED An Entertainment in Three Scenes by Mrs. OW Gleason. Eighteen females. Costumes, modern; scenery, unimportant. Plays one and a half hours. A humorous skit on the Woman's Club suited for performance by either young or middle-aged women. Full of points and chances for local hits and thus a sure laugh-maker. Parts well distributed ; can be recommended. Price, i5 cents SCENES IN THE UNION DEPOT A Humorous Entertainment in One Scene by Laura M.
Page 14 - MISS BUZBY'S BOARDERS A Comedy in Three Acts by Arthur Lewis Tubbs. Five male, six female characters. Costumes, modern ; scenery, two easy interiors. Plays two hours. In a lighter vein than this writer's other pieces, but just as strong, and offers plenty of comedy. All the parts good ; four call for strong acting. Several good character parts and effective heavy character. Dialogue especially good. A sure hit. Price, 25 cents VALLEY FARM A Drama in Four Acts by Arthur Lewis Tubbs.
Page 15 - Price, 25 cents GADSBY'S GIRLS A Farce in Three Acts By Bertha Currier Porter Five males, four females. Costumes modern ; scenery, an exterior and an interior. Plays an hour and a half. An exceptionally bright and vivacious little piece, full of action. Gadsby's adventures with the fiancees of three of his friends are full of interest and fun. All the parts good. Well suited for High School performance. Price, 25 cents THE TIME OF HIS LIFE A Comedy in Three Acts By C.
Page 14 - A Farcical Comedy in Three Acts by Anthony E. Wills. Six males, four females. Modern costumes. Scene, an interior, the same for all three acts. Plays a full evening. A lively, up-to-date farce, easy to produce and full of laughs from beginning to end. All the parts good — no small ones. German comedy characters for both male and female, and " wild west " character part and English character comedy.
Page 18 - Fifteen males, four females. Scenery varied ; costumes of the period. Plays a full evening. TWELFTH NIGHT: OR, WHAT YOU WILL AAA three females.
Page 12 - CHAPERON A Comedy in Three Acts By Courtney Bruerton and WS Maulsby Six male, nine female characters. Costumes modern; scenery, an interior and an easy exterior. Plays a full evening. An excellent comedy with the true college atmosphere but with its scenes away from actual college life. A breezy lot of college girls in camp lose their chaperon for twenty-four hours, and are provided by a camp of college boys across the lake with plenty of excitement. The parts are all good and of almost equal opportunity,...
Page 14 - HIGBEE OF HARVARD A Comedy Drama in Three Acts by Charles Townsend. Five males, four females. Modern costumes ; scenes, two interiors and an exterior — the latter may be played as well in an interior, if preferred. Plays a full evening. A clever, up-to-date piece, well suited for amateur performance. No small parts; all good. Good plot, full of incident, no love.making, interest strong and sustained. Price, 15 cents HOW JIM MADE GOOD A Comedy Drama in Four Acts by Charles S.

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