Waiting for ''Superman'': How We Can Save America's Failing Public Schools

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The American public education system is in crisis. Millions of students attend """"failure factories"""" that produce more drop-outs than graduates; millions more attend """"nice"""" schools that mask mediocre achievement. The U.S.'s reading and math scores stagnate and even fall behind, while other countries continue to advance. But many are working to reinvent this system. The film Waiting for Superman, directed by An Inconvenient Truth's Davis Guggenheim, chronicles these efforts through the interlocking stories of a handful of students and families searching for alternatives, and of reformers proving that all kids can learn. Expanding on the film's arguments, the book Waiting for Superman explores politically charged topics through a series of essays by thinkers at the leading edge of educational innovation. It shows how failing schools destroy neighborhoods - not the reverse - and how research reveals that dedicated, attentive teachers are what help at-risk kids succeed. With candor, poignancy, and hope, this book encourages those inspired by the film to join the battle to save American education and our children's future.

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The failing of the education system is not about money but about failing spiritual values which use to come from the Christian religious education programs.
How can people care about other people if they do not care love and respect them self.
Lack of spiritual guidance is the failing of so many communities and no one is doing any thing about it.
We can blame schools education or religions or lack of religions but the truth is we are all responsible if we do not demonstrate spiritual values our self.
Fear inhibits healthy spiritual interactions and spiritual actions. Yet what is spiritual do we ask.
Spiritual Values stand alone from every religion and are what our own conscience is and was based up on from birth.
Our spiritual actions and our spiritual values and our unconditional actions are spiritually character building such as unconditional loving and forgiving apologizing caring trusting patience tolerance humble sincere honest faithful loyal optimistic self assured punctual courteous respectful considerate grateful content productive creative sharing nurturing encouraging awareness content stable open minded and calm and at peace with oneself.
When we were born we were completely fearless that is a spiritual value, when we were born we were completely honest that is a spiritual value, when we were born we were able to give of our self completely unconditionally that is a spiritual value, when we were born we were completely trusting that is a spiritual value.
If we were able to have those Spiritual Values already in our self earlier in our life then relearning those Spiritual Values can be done once more.
They say that honesty is the best policy why did people find it hard to be honest, could it be that by being honest people feared being caused pain or being abandoned rejected unloved hurt or ridiculed.
It is possible to be honest without being cruel and not have an adverse effect on another person.
When we have healthy spiritual interactions with people it makes those moments very special and those moments can be the high lights of our life.
Love and peace to everyone


A Nation Still At Risk
the Movie
The Road to Super Tuesday 32 2 The Making of Waiting for Superman
Franciscos Story
The Difference Is Great Teachers
Emilys Story
Anthonys Story
Biancas Story
Daisys Story
Educating Americas Young People for the Global
How You Can Make a Difference
Schools and Education Reform
Hero for Education?

Five Foundations for Student Success

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