Wakeup World

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Eric Sorensen, 2006 - Business & Economics - 258 pages
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Questioning the doctrines of conventional society, its economics, politics and religions, to find the answers to the "whys" of the senseless waste, destruction, poverty, violence, crime, drugs, brutality, terrorism, war, weapons of mass destruction, global warming, ozone depletion and other environmental damage, that challenge the notion of human intelligence.

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When Eric wrote this book, Wake up world was the only website of that name---since then many others have taken his name and used it for their own reasons---he possessed great wisdom and the ability to see clearly outside the box of conventional thinking---he was very concerned for the future of this planet and believed that mankind has the ability to right the wrongs of society---his writing is very powerful and sincere---he didn't have the luxury of an education but there was not a problem he couldn't solve through simple solutions and his own inventions solved many problems that others could not . The really sad thing is that six months after publishing Wake Up World, he lost his life through an aggresive cancer that attacked his brain. The world is poorer for his passing ---who knows the influence he could have had as all who met him were influenced by the example he set during his life---he was a born leader and greatly loved by all---his wisdom was amazing , his honesty and integrity beyond question and he lived true to his ideals. The world would be a better place if his book was read in every church and school of learning 

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Book One
The Past is the Path to the Future
Opening the Eyes of Reason
Venturing out of the Box
Natures Classroom
Human Cycles
The Evolution of Religion
The Evolution of Civilization
Food for Thought
The Complexity of Education
The Disastrous Complexity of Economics and Finance
Reform Religion
Reform Politics
The Complexity of Legalities
The Media
The Complexity of Raising Children

The Evolution of Structured Religions
The Cause
False Doctrines
Finding the Wisdom
Health Complexities
Powers of the Mind

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About the author (2006)

As a child of thirteen Eric Sorensen successfully challenged conventions to find a better way to stop his frequent nose bleeds, and that success created a reluctance to accept beliefs until they were substantiated by his own analysis, research and/or experiments.Born 1941 with a invalid Father who died seven years later, he says poverty played its part by creating a need for innovation. With little formal education, Eric has found better ways to perform tasks, modified equipment, made special tools when none suitable were available, on occasions solved problems "experts" couldn`t solve and done what experts said could not be done, found an unconventional way to correct and control almost all his own health problems without cost for over 25 years, written his first book, "Water Divining. The Age Old Mystery Explained" that draws on personal observations, experience, research and experiments to find the answers in basic physics to a practice surrounded by controversy, myth and mystery for a recorded 4000 years. Mr Sorensen says he is often dismayed with an intelligent society that is too willing to believe what it is told, that often seems trapped inside a box of conventional thinking, and often led by emotional manipulation.

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