Walking Among Men: The Church of the Living God Walking Among the Sons and Daughters of Man

Front Cover
A multipurpose book written with several motives and purposes: I. to serve as an inspirational and provocative scriptural study guide and a prayer prompter, II. to inspire beginning preachers to scripturally examine and research the authority and dominion they've been given to exercise in their daily environs, III. to encourage unchurched \ unsaved readers to invite Jesus into their lives as their personal Savior and daily companion. IV. to prompt young people NOT to judge the validity of salvation on the basis of prevailing negative attitudes about church, but encouraged to personally examine and evaluate worldly daily offerings to determine their positive and rewarding eternal benefits. V. to convince Christians that they have the potential to change the atmosphere wherever they are and to demonstrate attributes of godliness and exude HIS presence with whomever they interact.

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