Walter Camp's Book of College Sports

Front Cover
Century Company, 1900 - College sports - 298 pages

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Page 290 - ... or implied, whereby his becoming or continuing a member of such club would be of any pecuniary benefit to him whatever, direct or indirect ; and who shall in other and all respects conform to the rules and regulations of this organization.
Page 296 - Each competitor shall make one attempt in the order of his name on the program; then those who have failed (if any) shall have a second trial in regular order, and those failing on this trial shall take their final trial. Displacing the bar counts as a
Page 300 - ... parties of the first part, hereby covenant and agree to pay to the party of the second part...
Page 295 - The referee shall decide all questions relating to the actual conduct of the events whose settlement is not otherwise provided f,or in these rules. His decision shall be final and without appeal. In case a race has been drawn into heats, and no more contestants appear than enough to make one heat, the referee shall be empowered to see that the race is run in one heat; but in all races requiring more than one heat he shall see that no second man shall be debarred from a chance to qualify in the finals....
Page 297 - Foul throws, which shall not be measured but which shall count as throws, are as follows: 1. Letting go of the hammer in an attempt. 2. Touching the ground outside the circle with any portion of the body while the hammer is in hand. 3. Touching the ground forward of the front half of the circle with any portion of the body before the throw is measured. Each competitor shall be allowed three throws, and the best four men shall each be allowed three more throws.
Page 297 - It shall be put from a circle seven feet in diameter, two feet of whose circumference shall be a toe board four inches in height. Foul puts, which shall not be measured, but which shall count as puts, are as follows : 1. Letting go of the shot in attempt, 2.
Page 298 - The measurement of the put shall be from the nearest edge of the first mark made by the shot to the point of the circumference of the circle nearest such mark.
Page 300 - IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties to these presents have hereunto set their hands and seals, the day and year first above written. Signed, sealed and delivered in the presence of John Smith. Albert Spence. AB & CRR Co. The By Robert Burns.
Page 296 - ... feet above which line shall be placed a tape attached at either end to the finishing posts. A finish shall be counted when any part of the winner's body, except his hands or arms, shall reach the finish line. The order of finishing for second and third places, and so on, shall be decided in the same manner. RULE XX.
Page 290 - League is intended for the benefit of amateur wheelmen, an amateur being defined as "a person who has never competed in an open competition, or for a stake, or for public money, or for gatemoney, or under a false name, or with a professional for a prize, or where gatemoney is charged, nor has ever personally taught or pursued bicycling or other athletic exercises as a means of livelihood.

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