Wanderings of a Globe-trotter in the Far East, Volume 1

Front Cover
Richard Bentley and son, 1889 - East Asia

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Page 15 - the vessel has been steaming slightly northward, and on turning the corner travellers are revived (though only three hours from the equator) by the fresh winds that sweep past Saghalien down the China Sea. At all
Page 30 - a street row. And street rows are not uncommon even in well-policed Hong Kong, for the English prison is more comfortable than many a Chinese home, and all the riff-raff
Page 38 - It is noiseless, and the staves are so elastic, that as you swing up and down you feel in some sort as though you were flying.
Page 15 - an offended eyelid, snaps his white teeth and shakes his head, for it is far too hot for argument. Not but what it is
Page 28 - boards that swing heavily in the breeze, covered with gilded hieroglyphics. On landing, what a turmoil! No sound of horses
Page 23 - insects. Large butterflies, cut out of brown velvet, go tumbling among the boughs like ships under stress of sail ; strange creeping things
Page 15 - besieged by a host of curio-mongers, who spread upon the deck samples of their country's gewgaws. In India and Ceylon, bargaining
Page 16 - are parrots of the daintiest green with gray and yellow necks, and small tame birds of brilliant crimson,
Page 31 - dislike their journey, and let you know it by their din. In a corner are two coolies,
Page 37 - specimen of human enterprise. The islet is by nature a bare granite rock. Yet it is becoming

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