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AuthorHouse, 2002 - Fiction - 260 pages
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What is truly at stake in America's War on Terror? Why has the United States moved powerfully into the Mideast? Why does the President never talk about Middle East oil? What are the dangerous realities behind Islamic-born terror? THE MIDDLE EAST WAR PROCESS answers these questions and others, defining what is at stake in the War on Terror, and the War in Iraq.

THE MIDDLE EAST WAR PROCESS is an in-depth look into the future of America and the Middle East. A devastating, deadly challenge was delivered on September 11, 2001, originating from the Middle East, and President Bush moved aggressively to pick up the gauntlet. Radical, expansionist Islam is rising to challenge the spread of freedom and representative government in the world. America has finally gone to war against these modern Assassins, as well as the tyrants who support them. Compromise with the radicals and despots is not possible. Victory over terrorism and tyranny is America's only choice today due to the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction technology among a growing list of enemies. Anything less guarantees future attacks against America on American soil and likely far more devastating than 9/11. Next time we may count the dead in tens, maybe even hundreds, of thousands.

The challenge is not determining whether we should fight fundamentalist, radical Islam. We have fought and will continue to do so. The challenge is nurturing a peace process, grounded in freedom, out of what has become an age-old Middle East process for war.

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