War, Wasps & All That Jazz: Life in America During the First Half of the 20th Century

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Fourteen people were chosen. At the moment of their death, their souls were snatched by the Guardians and transported to Ghama-2 where they woke up in young adults' bodies. The two groups of seven are awoken thousands of miles apart.

One group is composed of ordinary people, some of them not so ordinary; John was 78 years old and he was a retired navy officer; Joan was 69 years old and a librarian, her daughter Nancy was 30 and a chirurgian, her son Garry was 29 and a software specialist, Tom was 40 and a CIA agent, Reverend Father O'Leary was possibly in his sixties and a Catholic Abbott, Richard was 68 and a writer.

The second group is made of filthy rich decision-makers; George is 69 and President of the USA, Bill is 50 and king of the software business, Donald is 68 and own a financial empire, Nicole is 46 and once the sexiest Hollywood star, Elisabeth is 56 and Queen of The United Islands, Helen is 39 and software specialist, she is also the writer's daughter, Khrisna is 59 and former Middle weight champion of the world, he is also preaching a new global religion based on Hinduism, Christianity and Islam.

Their mission is to find a city abandoned one billion years ago and access its knowledge spools and enhancing devices which can transform one into an immortal superbeing able to change his body at will and fly from one world to another at the speed of thought. Other species are already trying to find the city and gain the control of the Universe. Some of them are wicked and influenced by Demons. The world is gigantic and brims with life of all kind.

Shall the chosen succeed, they will have the opportunity to meet with God, ask for our salvation and open a way to heaven. But Ghama-2 is a dangerous world and the Demons have sworn our destruction--. Will they be able to fight their way to the lost city or even cope with each other? Will they meet with God? Will they get us an afterlife in heaven? Where and what is heaven? This book might answer those questions...

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