War Risk Insurance--Transfer of Certain Allotments: Hearings Before the Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce of the House of Representatives, Sixty-fifth Congress, Third Session, on H. R. 13306. December 13, 1918

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Page 24 - SEC. 23. That when, by the terms of this amendatory act, any payment is to be made to a minor, other than a person in the military or naval forces...
Page 29 - That the enlisted man may allot any proportion or proportions or any fixed amount or amounts of his monthly pay or of the proportion thereof remaining after the compulsory allotment, for such purposes and for the benefit of such person or persons as he may direct, subject, however, to such conditions and limitations as may be prescribed under regulations to be made by the Secretary of War and the Secretary of the Navy, respectively.
Page 7 - ... pending the receipt of the new authority, the military authorities, beginning with July first, nineteen hundred and eighteen, have reserved from month to month out of the soldier's monthly accruing pay, the amount directed to be paid by the original authority of allotment, the War and Navy Departments, upon resuming the payment of allotments in such cases, under the authority of this Act, shall pay all arrearages out of these respective reservations.
Page 24 - ... we have been called together, I would like to bring to your attention a bill introduced by Judge Mansfield of Texas, HR 8972, which you have before you. This bill was introduced in accordance with a letter sent from the Acting Secretary of the Treasury to the Speaker, with which was enclosed another letter from the Secretary of War to the Secretary of the Treasury, acquiescing in this proposal. It is purely a matter of transfer of a small tract of 3 acres from the War Department to the Treasury...
Page 14 - ... (a) If an enlisted man is not making a compulsory allotment for class A the allotment for class B required as a condition to the family allowance shall be $15; "(b) If an enlisted man is making a compulsory allotment for class A the additional allotment for class B required as a condition to the family allowance shall be $5...
Page 17 - ... on the ground that there was no dependency within the meaning of the law ? That of course reduced it to the allotment.
Page 7 - In addition to that, if you have any statement to make or you have a prepared statement, the committee will be very glad to hear anything you have to. say, or anything you have to read.
Page 5 - Yes; that is true, too. Mr. STEPHENS. That strikes me as being the most perplexing thing. Mr. SAUNDERS. Yes: but I think the most serious matter is that the allottees, without fault on their part, and without fault on the part of the soldiers making the allotment, are not receiving the payments to which they are entitled. Mr. PARKER of New Jersey. Has this bill been referred to the War Department ? Mr.
Page 14 - Under date of June 26, 1918, the following telegram was sent by The Adjutant General of the Army to the commanding general American Expeditionary Forces...
Page 20 - In those three weeks it became necessary to establish rules and regulations for the management of the bureau, to prepare instructions for the information and guidance of the regimental officers (who would be expected to explain the provisions of the act to the men serving under them), to provide...

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