Wards of the Court

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Can you imagine the throngs of people crowded around Jesus every time he wrought a miracle? Now think of that same crowd surrounding Him as He was walking through the streets of Jerusalem with a cross on His back. The woman with the issue of blood was in the crowd seeking a miracle, all her hope now was centered on touching the hem of His garment. She had overcome the crowd of doubt, worry, fear, anxiety and questions. She pressed through her faith and allowed her faith to become her testimony.

The crowd that surrounded Jesus while he was carrying the cross were accusers, persecutors, unbelievers, scorners and many more yet He pushed through. Jesus our pathfinder has cleared the way and has supplied us with the tools of faith and prayer to help us tunnel through our most difficult situations. So remember to PUSH THROUGH THE CROWD!!!!!!!!!!!

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About the author (2000)

Thompson became a ward of the court in 1959. He survived 11 years as a ward and found his freedom by entering the military in 1970. He eventually earned his GED while in the Army, and upon departure from the military married and became the parent of three children. He is employed as a correctional officer with that D.C. Dept. of Corrections. A self taught musician-he has played professionally for most of his adult life.

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