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Page 41 - Repeat these movements deliberately and perseveringly, fifteen times only in a minute. (When the patient lies on the thorax, this cavity is compressed by the weight of the body, and expiration takes place. When he is turned on the side, this pressure is removed, and inspiration occurs.) 6th. When the...
Page 55 - Cathartic effect, unattended with nausea, and in all respects furnishing the most aperient and cathartic preparation in use. For habitual constipation, they replace when taken in single parvules, the various medicated waters, avoiding the quantity required by the latter as a dose, which fills the stomach and deranges the digestive organs.
Page 41 - When the prone position is resumed, make a uniform and efficient pressure along the spine, removing the pressure immediately, before rotation on the side. (The pressure augments the expiration ; the rotation commences inspiration.) Continue these measures.

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