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iUniverse, Oct 18, 2011 - Architecture - 64 pages
this story is about what i believe to be gods great plan by useing native amaricans lands to bring all the raceses in the world together gods many nations to have all his children together at one time at one place this is his idea of heaven because in heaven where all together

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my name is gary marruffo i am a native american from southern califoria growing up as a child we hade it rough we grow up poor one time i remember as a kid we whent with out light for six months we had no electricity using candles for light and living off of beans and rice my fother fonde a way to keep us entertained he manage to keep are minde of off or hardship by useing a speaker box he had hook up to his truck park right out side the front door we listen to the radio station all night soon this became fun we soon forgot about the dark candle lit house as life went on i remember looking out the window of my dads truck on the way to school feeling life in amarica was something truly special i hade a feeling of freedum a feeling i could do anything i wanted to i allways felt a sense of belonging like i was home and there was no other place for me oddly enough growing up i did not know i was native until i was 17teen years old my fother kept it from us perhaps because of the trouble it may bring us now knowing i was native this made sense because i loved bob marley i had a strong conection with his music as i grew up to be a unge man i started to learn about the world around me and the people in it i learned it was not a frendly place it was filled with copetition and jealousy hatred for one another this made me sad and as i learned more about my heritage it made me angery at the age of 25years old i was working construction every day for five years i would wake up with anger hatred and rage i triggered this hatred and anger towards my work using this energy for labor made me what my boss would call a very hard worker after five years of this i began to cry as i cryed looking to the the sky i sade how could you do this how could you just let this happen to me why would you allow me to be so hurt and then i thought of all the good things god has dune for me and that he was a good god and he did not wont me to be so hurt looking up at the sky i sade how could you make this right and thats when the story of warrior unfolded the thought the concept of the story of us being all together made so much sense that the hatred the anger was gone this was enough to let it go and i felt strongly that you the world should hear about what i believe to be gods great plan for his people all his people Amarica

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