Sentenced to School

Front Cover
Pick-a-Woo Woo Publishers, 2011 - 227 pages
School is an anti-child institution which discards the unique wisdom we are born with rather than nurturing it. Forced teaching, punishing rote memorization and constant tests destroy our innate curiosity and self worth. School creates common life duplicators instead of original life creators. At the threshold of forgetfulness, of falling into the deep sleep of adulthood four teenagers take on school and declare their right not to be opposed anymore. As they travel through a year of school they question and dismantle each and every subject. They delve deep into the core where school is a centre of power and control, where children are moulded and shaped and told life starts at graduation instead of birth. In Milla, Sky, Sunny and Torsten's bold reclaiming of responsibility for their own lives, they meet and get to know their own inner heroes.

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