Watch-Out!: The Clock Keeps Ticking

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AuthorHouse, May 27, 2009 - Reference - 144 pages
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 Does any of this represent

change in foreign policies that we were promised.   BRING ALL OUR TROOPS HOME.   Campaign reforms. Election reforms. Health care reform. Energy reform. Checks & Balance. Accountability for officials. Ear mark reform. Rule of law. Trade reform. Lobby reform. Foreign Policy reform. Tax reform. Spending reforms. Regulation reform.   Everything  needs an ACT of Congress to get anything done for the Citizens of the United States. Everything is in a "MESS" because we have not had any real Act of Congress benefiting the American people. Only for lobbies and foreign lobbies that have been lining congress peoples pockets for years.   We need term limit reforms, and a quicker way of removing people from office when there is no job preformance.   Have we witnessed any real "ACTS OF CONGRESS" in the last twenty years that benefit the USA tax-payer.Haven't they ALL been asleep at the switch?   It is time for the VOTERS to reform. Change will only come about by changing the D. C. landscape completely. VOTERS are the ones to do it.   2006 & 2008 Elections have been a good start, how-ever  corruption still remains. Remove them, and charge & prosecute the crimes involved.

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About the author (2009)



 I retired after serving several years in the criminal Justice fields of law enforcement, Public defenders office, Security, and prison correctional.


An interest developed for criminal justice after the assassination

of President John F. Kennedy.


After serving in the US Army, I joined the police department,


I’m high mileage, and been to a few fairs during


My career, took me to several areas around the Country.


Regardless of the outcome of investigations and hearings, there is

enough evidence that the American people, needed to force change.


ALL AMERICAN PEOPLE:  African, Hispanic, Asian, Native,

Poor and middle class Americans needed to unite and demanded CHANGE.


 We voiced it to no avail 2006 elections, we then demanded it 2008 elections.  Please help our president for such change “Barack Obama”.





 YES, this is all about America, not the author.





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