Water: The Universal Healer

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iUniverse, Aug 27, 2012 - Health & Fitness - 108 pages
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Water: The Universal Healer shares the lifesaving message that with adequate clean water, the body heals naturally and that the effects of many common health complaints can be alleviated with proper hydration. Author Guy Proulx began lecturing on hydration before it became popular—he witnessed its success among his massage clients. He makes the vital point that of all the mammals on this planet, humans are the only ones who drink anything but water once they are finished nursing. Educating and teaching individuals about how the body works has always been his most powerful healing tool.

The Earth consists of more water than land mass. Water gives life to the whole planet and every living being on it. Consider these three amazing facts about water:

• There is not one thing on Earth that water cannot break down. Even diamonds, in time, are no match for water.

• Th ere is nothing that water will not clean or dilute. Water is the universal solvent.

• There is absolutely no living organism on the planet that does not depend totally on water for its healing powers and lifegiving nourishment to survive.

Water: The Universal Healer speaks to the fact that to intentionally deprive your body of water is tantamount to embarking on a slow, insidious, and premature death.


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I picked up this book just this weekend. I am already half way through, in only 30 minutes. For all of you who will say 'I don't have time to read', for this book you do! I believe most of us can find 10 minutes a day to read - for the average reader, you will have finished the book in about a week! The message is simple, easy to understand, and couldn't make more sense! Every one of us has stress in our lives - if you don't you are living under a rock! Stress is the biggest cause of most human body issues - reduce and/or eliminate stress, and we will be a much more healthier society. Think what this could do just to the overload on our health systems, like doctor and hospital visits! Who actually likes sitting in the doctor's office waiting? Let alone a hospital emergency room! And...this is just the mere tip of the iceberg! There are those who will start, try to drink the amount of water per day the writer recommends, and slowly over time, go back to our rooted, natural habits. Give this system the recommended 4-6 weeks, faithfully, and see if you feel better, have more energy, are less stressed. At the books' halfway mark, I am already convinced to give it the 'A-1 Effort'. What do you have to lose? Only than maybe those 'left-over' extra 10 pounds so many people can't seem to get past. Isn't it a 'no-brainer' then to try?  


1 My Awakening to Water
2 Humankinds Relationship to Water
3 Dehydration and Hydration
4 Diuretics Role in Disease
5 Your Body Is Talking Are You Listening?
6 The Healing Process of Water
7 How Dehydration Negates the Bodys Ability to Heal Itself
8 The Order of Things
10 Weight Loss and Water
11 You and Your Unborn ChildPregnancy
12 Reversing ADHD without Drugs
13 Reversing Fibromyalgia Naturally
14 Let It Go
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9 What Your Organs Have to Say

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