Water-supply and Irrigation Papers of the United States Geological Survey, Issues 40-47

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1900

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Page 20 - ... tools, forms and other implements, and for all labor in moving materials and executing all the work contemplated in this contract for all bailing and draining, and for all loss or damage...
Page 60 - ... 2. The load at the maximum is nearly but somewhat less than, as the square of the velocity of the wind, the shape and position of the sails being the same.
Page 23 - ... inch diameter ; canals with beds and banks of very firm, regular gravel, carefully trimmed and rammed in defective places ; rough rubble with bed partially covered with silt and mud ; rectangular wooden troughs, with battens on the inside two inches apart ; trimmed earth in perfect order.
Page 60 - If sails are of a similar figure and position, the number of turns in a given time will be reciprocally as the radius or length of the sail.
Page 60 - When sails are loaded so as to produce a maximum at a given velocity, and the velocity of the wind increases, the load continuing the same...
Page 53 - There are three dams at Little Falls. The upper one is >a State dam, diverting water for the supply of the Erie canal; the lower two are used for water-power development. The gage record kept at the lower dam shows the amount of water flowing down-stream from Little Falls, but does not include the diversion at the State dam above the gaging station, and hence does not represent the total yield from the tributary drainage area of about 1,306 square miles.
Page 60 - ... 7. The load at a maximum that sails of a similar figure and position will overcome, at a given distance from the centre of motion, will be as the cube of the radius.
Page 43 - ... numerous perennial springs. This condition is particularly noticeable on the North Fork. The mean annual precipitation upon the drainage areas of the North and Middle forks is about 54 inches. Warm rains and soft snow sometimes give a high flood run-off, but snow remains on the peaks until midsummer. The headwaters of the South Fork lie upon a broad granite surface into which the streams have not cut deeply until the main stream reaches a point 16 miles from the summit, where it drops rapidly...
Page 24 - ... nails occupied the same relative position to the surface of the water. In the case of pulsations or slight waves caused by winds, the tops of both nails were even with the highest or lowest water surfaces.
Page 23 - ... canals and rivers in earth of tolerably uniform cross-section, slope, and direction, in moderately good order and regimen, and free from stones and weeds. n = .0275, canals and rivers in earth below the average in order and regimen.

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