Waterloo and St. Helena

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Page 195 - Old Blucher has had add good licking and gone back to Wavre, eighteen miles. As he has gone back, we must go too.
Page 268 - Duke's orders, however, are positive," he added, "that in the event of their persevering and charging home, you do not expose your men, but retire with them into the adjacent squares of infantry." As he spoke, we were ascending the reverse slope of the main position. We breathed a new atmosphere — the air was suffocatingly hot, resembling that issuing from an oven. We were enveloped in thick smoke, and...
Page v - I return you many thanks for the honour you have done me; but Europe is not to be saved by any single man. England has saved herself by her exertions, and will, as I trust, save Europe by her example.
Page 319 - My political life is terminated, and I proclaim my son under the title of Napoleon II., Emperor of the French.
Page 268 - The words were scarcely uttered when my gallant troop stood as desired in column of subdivisions, left in front, pointing towards the main ridge. " At a gallop, march ! " and away we flew, as steadily and compactly as if at a review. I rode with Frazer, whose face was as black as a chimney-sweep's from the smoke, and the jacket-sleeve of his right arm torn open by a musket-ball or case-shot, which had merely grazed his flesh. As we went along, he told me that the enemy had assembled an enormous mass...
Page 73 - Spaniards with arms and stores and money after every defeat, her land forces fought and won nineteen pitched battles and innumerable combats, made or sustained ten sieges, took four great fortresses, twice expelled the French from Portugal, preserved Alicant, Carthagena, Tarifa, Cadiz, Lisbon ; they killed wounded and took two hundred thousand enemies, and the bones of forty thousand British soldiers lie scattered on the plains and mountains of the Peninsula.
Page 373 - Government also arc taking up a little too much the tone of their rascally newspapers. They are shifting their objects; and, having got their cake, they want both to eat it and keep it. ' As for your Portuguese concerns, I recommend to you to resign and come away immediately. It is impossible for the British Government to maintain British officers for the Portuguese army, at an expense even so trifling as it is, if the Portuguese Government are to refuse to give the service of the army in the cause...
Page 10 - If I could now bring forward 20,000 good Spaniards, paid and fed, I should have Bayonne. If I could bring forward 40,000, I do not know where I should stop. Now I have both the 20,000 and the 40,000 at my command, upon this frontier, but I cannot venture to bring forward any for want of means of paying and supporting them. Without pay and food, they must plunder ; and if they plunder, they will ruin us all.
Page 274 - The decisive moment was come ; there was not an instant to be lost. The generals did not suffer it to escape : they resolved immediately to begin the attack with the troops which they had at hand.
Page 36 - Bourdeaux of a hundred thousand — another at Lyons — a third at Metz. With the remnants of my former levies, I shall have a million of men under arms. But it is men whom I demand of you — full-grown men...

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