Wayside Flowers

Front Cover
Press of Western Methodist book concern, 1900 - 70 pages

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Page 27 - call it back. It was easily said—that kindly word That you spoke with a pleasant smile; But it cheered a soul that was lone and sad, And it
Page 27 - when our lips are mute, And our record of life is known, The kindly words will shine forth like stars, In the crown that shall be our own.
Page x - shoals. And perhaps of Christ their only view, , May be what of him they see in you; Will they see enough to bring hope and cheer? Look
Page 27 - trial. The strongest monuments crumble and break, And into the dust decay; But a kindly word will live on and on, Though the speaker has passed away.
Page 27 - let us be careful of each small word We speak with but little thought; They will carry a message of love
Page 27 - But it flew on its onward track And the prayers and tears of all life's years Can
Page ix - done or said, Did they accord with the way you prayed? Have your thoughts been pure,
Page ix - did it see Christ in you? Has someone seen Christ in you today? Christian, look
Page 27 - That fell from your lips at morn, But you little thought as away it sped,
Page 27 - It would tear some heart like a thorn. You did not mean it—'twas thoughtless, yes,

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