We Are All Leaders: Leadership is Not a Position, It's a Mindset

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John Wiley & Sons, Nov 27, 2012 - Business & Economics - 272 pages
Leadership is not just for the execs in the corner office. It’s time we all stepped up and developed the mind of a leader. In a time of rapid technological change and economic uncertainty, businesses that thrive will do so through empowering employees at all levels to take an active role in leading themselves and their organisations to success. It's time that we all, at every stage of our careers, started to think proactively, take responsibility and excel in work. This is the new face of leadership – consensual and nonhierarchical.

Scandinavian entrepreneur and business guru Fredrik Arnander outlines strategies and tools for transforming anyone into an effective leader. He offers a simple, straightforward, highly-practical approach to developing the leader mindset. And these aren't lessons from on high – they're clear and functional examples drawn from real life experiences. We Are All Leaders is all about empowerment – it will transform you into a confident, focused visionary...and can help you inspire that same passion in others.

  • A refreshingly simple and practical guide to leadership for anyone who wants to progress in their work
  • Based on the author's experience of running fast technology companies, creating agile and flexible organisations through leadership at all levels
  • Lessons are taught via easy to follow dialogue between a mentor and apprentice, exchanges which emphasise teamwork and reciprocal learning

"Everyone should read this book. It provides useful insights and examples that will help you grow as a leader irrespective of whether you are just starting out in your career or if you are a seasoned CEO"
Rikard Steiber, Global Marketing Director, Mobile & Social, Google

"Shows us how real-world leadership succeeds both in daily business as well as in our everyday lives. Well-researched, the book speaks in human terms, with smart examples, and clearly defines the partnership between team leadership and persoanl growth"
Scott Raskin, CEO, Mindjet


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013 Know Your Weaknesses KYW
014 Set Your Virtues SYV
015 Two Leadership Levels TLL
ALWAYS SHOW UP 019 Always Show Up ASU
020 Control Upset Emails CUE
021 Interpretations And Responses IAR
063 The Operating System TOS
064 Sing Same Score SSS 065 Interconnected SubCultures ICS 066 Celebrate The Success CTS 067 Value Based Organization VBO 068 The Main T...
069 Name The Culture NTC
STRUCTURE AND CHAOS 070 Structure For Leadership SFL 071 Too ManyChefs TMC 072 Avoid LazyMeetingsALM 073 Clear On Process COP...
075 Ideas Are Worthless IAW
076MakeA Decision MAD
077 Right Before Compromise RBC

022KeepHead CoolKHC 023 Apologize In Public AIP
024 TellThe TruthTTT 025 Deliver Tough Messages DTM 026 Take The Blame TTB 027 Action PointMagicAPM 028 Give AwayPride GAP 029 T...
032 Follow YourHeart FYH 033 Check Before Promise CBP 034 Adapt Beginners Mind ABM 035 Stop Doing Things SDT 036 Quantity Time Rule...
037 Rest Restore Recharge RRR
038 Change With FactsCWF 039 Never GiveUpNGU 040 Be The Diplomat BTD 041 Build Positive Momentum BPM 042 LeadBy Questions LBQ 0...
047 Awaken Whats Within AWW
048 The Dolphin School TDS
049MakePeople Stars MPS 050 Time For Feedback TFF
051 Compassion Not Codependency CNC
052 Motivations OfOthers MOO 053 HereTo Help HTH 054 Make Yourself Redundant MYR 055 Let Everyone Speak LES 056 Close DownCompu...
060 Release The Energy RTE
078 LetsFail Quickly LFQ 079 WinThe Game WTG 080 The Slow Company TSC
081 Remember The Bread RTB 082 Living Parallel Worlds LPW 083 TopLine Orientation TLO
084 Adding Up Numbers AUN 085 Vision Mission Goals VMG 086 Here To StayHTS CHAPTER 9 BUDDIES WITHBRAINS 087 Love YourWor...
090 SetClear Expectations SCE 091 Focus On Operations FOO
092 OutsideIn Perspective OIP 093 Reduce TheNoise RTN 094 Stick To Three STT 095 Beware Of Sharkfins BOS
096 OverCommunicate RepeatOCR 097 Show Whole Picture SWP 098 No PowerPoint NPP

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About the author (2012)

Fredrik Arnander, the CEO of Keybroker Group is a Swedish technology entrepreneur and venture capitalist. He is the founder of several companies and organizations. He makes venture capital investments from his holding company Standard Ventures.
Fredrik started his career as a management consultant working for an international firm, helping established companies making the leap into the Internet age. He then joined Icon Medialab, a digital agency that fast grew to become an international group.
Fredrik graduated from the Stockholm School of Economics and also studied at Stanford University Graduate School of Business.

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