We Are Not Alone: A Journey of Self Discovery

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AuthorHouse, 2010 - Religion - 124 pages
Have you ever heard a voice telling you something, and you know that it did not come from you? Some people call it premonition, intuition or is it something else? Are we surrounded by unseen forces? Forces that communicate with us constantly, but we are too busy to hear them? "We Are Not Alone - A Journey of Self-Discovery" are the real-life stories of people who have experienced these unseen forces in their lives. The story begins with Kaydee, a traveler through time who encounters many situations supernaturally prepared for her from outside of the time dimension. Other travelers through time and their encounters are woven into the fabric of the artwork that is dynamically being painted by the Creator Himself. Scientists are discovering that we live in a multi-dimensional world. We only perceive 4 dimensions; width, length, depth or height and time. Like a straight line trying to understand the dimensionality of a square, we can't always understand the dimensions outside of the four we live in; or can we? Is it possible to perceive what it is like outside of time? Could these be the spiritual dimensions that the Bible talks about? Could this be what God is talking about when He says, "Those who have ears will hear and those who have eyes, will see?"

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Chapter One In the beginning
Chapter Two God created heaven and earth
Chapter Three The earth was formless and empty
Chapter Four Let there be light
Chapter Five And there was light
Chapter Six He separated light from darkness
Chapter Eight Let there be an expanse that separates the waters
Chapter Ten Let the water under the sky be gathered to one place
Chapter Eleven Let dry ground appear
Chapter Twelve Let the land produce vegetation
Chapter Fourteen Let them serve as signs
Chapter Sixteen To mark days
Chapter Eighteen Let them give light on earth
Chapter Twenty The lesser light to govern the night
Chapter TwentyTwo God saw all that He had made and it was very good

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