Weight Loss Surgery For Dummies

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John Wiley & Sons, Apr 27, 2011 - Health & Fitness - 384 pages
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Get the scoop on weight loss surgery

Your authoritative guide to weight loss surgery -- before, during, and after

Considering weight loss surgery? This compassionate guide helps you determine whether you qualify and gives you the scoop on selecting the best center and surgical team, understanding today's different procedures, and achieving the best results. You also get tips on eating properly post-op and preparing appetizing meals, as well as easing back into your day-to-day life.

Discover how to
* Evaluate your surgical options
* Understand the risks
* Prepare for surgery
* Handle post-op challenges
* Find sources of support

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Be Informed

User Review  - Cherubgirl - Borders

Great! Extremely useful and informative. Due to an illness I'm going to have weight loss surgery. As a requirement of the hospital prior to the surgery, I had to attend 2 seminars to learn about the ... Read full review

Very informative book

User Review  - terri51m - Target

It really helped me decide to have my weight loss surgery Read full review


Foolish Assumptions
Preparing for Surgery
The Part of Tens
Part I
Chapter 1
Is Weight Loss Surgery Right for You?
What Are the Risks and Benefits?
When to call your surgeon
Getting the Help You Need
Keeping house
Looking out for yourself if you live alone
Keeping Up with Your Meds
Coordinating your meds with your doctor
Recognizing the Signs of Depression
Chapter 13

Which Surgeon Should You Go To?
Will Your Surgery Be Covered by Insurance?
What New and Exciting Experiences Will You Have?
Chapter 2
Measuring Your Body Mass Index
Documenting Your Dieting History
Identifying the Conditions Affected by Your Weight
Heart disease
Sleep apnea
Polycystic ovary syndrome
Are You Ready?
Chapter 3
What is it?
Who does it work for?
What are the pros and cons?
Adjustable Gastric Banding or LapBand
Who does it work for?
Biliopancreatic Diversion
Who does it work for?
Other Weight Loss Procedures
Nonadjustable gastric banding
Sleeve gastrectomy
Chapter 4
Gastric Distention
Heart Problems
Congestive heart failure
Gastric Prolapse or Band Slippage
Esophageal Dilation
Chapter 5
Coming up with a list of candidates
Asking the right questions
The Supporting Players
Part II
Chapter 6
Giving Your Insurance Company the Information It Requires
Following Up with Your Insurance Company
Fighting back
Seeking outside help
Paying for Surgery out of Your Own Pocket
Chapter 7
Psychological Evaluation
Nutritional Evaluation
Blood Work
Cardiac Tests
Pulmonary Tests
Gallbladder Tests
Chapter 8
Watching What You Eat Before Your Surgery
Doing Exercises to Improve Your Fitness
Physical exercises
Getting Organized
Preparing your home
Tying up the loose ends
Psyching Yourself Up for Surgery
Part III
Chapter 9
Type of surgery
Having Family with You
Nurses and Other Staff
Making Your Stay More Comfortable
Getting out of bed
Wearing compression stockings
Taking pain medication
Exercise starts in the hospital
Taking advantage of physical therapy
Making the Trip Home
Chapter 10
Clear Liquids
Full Liquids and Thin Purees
ChocolateCovered Cherries Shake
Orange Creamsicle Shake
Strawberry and Banana Smoothie
Dreamy Seafood Salad
Egg Salad
Garlic Chicken Salad
White Albacore Tuna Spread
Soft Foods
Turkey Tacos
Chapter 11
Solid Food
Grilled HerbMarinated Tuna with Lime
Herbed Beef Patties
Garlic Beef Cream Sauce
Sage Turkey Dijon Meatballs
Seafood Calypso Salad
Shrimp and Brie Scrambled Eggs
Spicy Blue Cheese Stuffed Eggs
Chicken Curry Salad
Tomato Garlic Salad
Strawberry Mango Chutney
Eating Guidelines to Follow from Now On
Chapter 12
Normal feelings after surgery
Being aware of the factors that affect how ready you are
Making sure youre ready
Anticipating Your Coworkers Responses to Your Surgery
Avoiding being left out
Dodging resentments
Part IV
Chapter 14
Keeping Your Expectations Real
Seizing the Window of Opportunity
Looking At Successes Beyond Weight Loss
Chapter 15
Proteins Carbs and Fats
The whey to go
Not all carbs are created equal
Good and bad
Supplementing Your Diet with Vitamins and Minerals
The different forms of vitamins and minerals
Knowing which vitamins and minerals youll need
The Role of Water
Whats for Dinner? Eating Strategies for the Long Haul
Regaining your appetite without fear
Following the rules your pouch sets
Ten Healthy Recipes for the Rest of Your Life
Floribbian Shrimp
Salmon Blush
Spaghetti Veggies
Burgundy Pork
Pork Chardonnay
Chicken Dijon
SurfandTurf Kabobs
Ricotta Chicken
Mandarin Orange Salad
Chapter 16
Whats in It for Me? Knowing the Benefits of Exercise
Working Out at a Gym with a Trainer or On Your Own
Looking At the Different Types of Exercise
Anaerobic exercise
Staying Motivated
Chapter 17
Local support groups
Online support groups
FollowUp Care
With your primarycare physician
Part V
Chapter 18
Oral Problems
Dumping Syndrome
Bowel Problems
Diarrhea or loose stools
Chapter 19
Paying attention to whether youre really hungry
Fighting head hunger with some proven strategies
Knowing when enough is enough
Conquering Depression
Grieving over the loss of food
Knowing What to Do If Youre Having Trouble with Success
Avoiding negative people and negative thinking
Breaking Old Habits
Testing the Limits
Chapter 20
Facing the possibility of success
Believing in yourself
Who Is That Person in the Mirror?
Revamping Your Wardrobe
Keeping up with your evershrinking body
Figuring out where to shop
Chapter 21
The good and bad news about weight loss surgery and marriage
What you can do to keep your marriage strong
Parenting and Pregnancy
Considering pregnancy after your surgery
Taking Yourself off the Bench
Thats What Friends Are For
Knowing what may change after your surgery
Notice something different? What to do when they dont even notice
Chapter 22
Knowing Whether Youll Need Plastic Surgery
Looking at Steps You Can Take
Choosing a Plastic Surgeon
Figuring Out How Youll Pay for Plastic Surgery
Looking At the Different Plastic Surgery Procedures
Losing your gut
Breast reconstruction
Face lifts and neck lifts
Part VI
Chapter 23
Weight Loss Surgery Is the Easy Way Out
You Cant Get Pregnant after Weight Loss Surgery
Youll Have a Great Body
You Have to Pay for Weight Loss Surgery Yourself
Chapter 24
Better Appetite Control
Improved SelfEsteem
Better Sex
Chapter 25
Keep a Food Log
Remember That Youre Worth It
Be Realistic

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About the author (2011)

Marina S. Kurian, MD: Dr. Marina Kurian grew up in New York City and attended Stuyvesant High School. She graduated summa cum laude with a BS degree from Union College and received her MD from Albany Medical College. Dr. Kurian completed her General Surgery training at Albany Medical Center in Albany, New York. She completed fellowships in Surgical Research at Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, and Surgical Critical Care at Children’s Hospital of Michigan at Wayne State University. Dr. Kurian is Board Certified in both General Surgery and Surgical Critical Care. She received advanced laparoscopic training at Mount Sinai Medical Center and started her practice in July 2000. She brought the technique of laparoscopic weight loss surgery to Lenox Hill Hospital and continues to keep the weight loss program at Lenox Hill Hospital at the highest caliber. As a recognized expert in the field of obesity surgery, she has spoken at many national and international meetings on the topic of obesity. She is the author of many articles and book chapters on laparoscopic surgery. Dr. Kurian is active in the American Society of Bariatric Surgery (ASBS) and the Society of American Gastrointestinal and Endoscopic Surgeons (SAGES) and is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons (FACS).

Barbara Thompson: Barbara Thompson is a gastric bypass patient, author, professional speaker, and national spokesperson for obesity sensitivity. She battled a weight problem from the day she was born. When she finally admitted to herself in her late twenties that her “baby fat” was turning into a serious problem, she began dieting earnestly, only to diet her way to morbid obesity. Over her adult life she experienced the very common pattern of losing weight, regaining it, and adding a few additional pounds. When her weight reached 264 pounds and a herniated disk in her back was causing her to face disability, she knew she was in trouble. She decided to have the life-altering gastric bypass surgery in January 2000 at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.
Barbara Thompson is a national speaker on weight loss surgery, obesity sensitivity, and getting control of your life and is the author of Weight Loss Surgery: Finding the Thin Person Hiding Inside You. She hosts the patient Web site www.wlscenter.com.

Brian K. Davidson: Mr. Davidson is the cofounder and publisher of WLS Lifestyles magazine, a must-read publication for those who are researching, considering, or have had weight loss surgery. Brian has been featured on television, spoken at various industry events, and consulted with leading industry professionals and patients. He has authored several articles for the weight loss surgery community. He is a passionate advocate and dedicated to improving obesity awareness and increasing public education for this devastating disease. Brian can be contact via the WLS Lifestyles Magazine website at www.wlslifestyles.com

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