Weissbuch, Volumes 7-8

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Page 87 - The three powers recognize the independence of the Samoan Government and the free right of the natives to elect their chief or king and choose their form of government according to their own laws and customs.
Page 87 - In case either of the four Governments shall at any time have cause of complaint against the Chief Justice for any misconduct in office, such complaint shall be presented to the authority which nominated him, and, if in the judgment of such authority there is sufficient cause for his removal, he shall be removed. If the majority of the Three Treaty Powers so request, he shall be removed. In either case of removal, or in case the office shall become otherwise vacant, his successor shall be appointed...
Page 88 - England, may be — so far as applicable — the practice and procedure of this Court; but the Court may modify such practice and procedure from time to time as shall be required by local circumstances. The Court shall have authority to impose, according to the crime, the punishment established therefor by the laws of the United States, of England, or of Germany, as the Chief Justice shall decide most appropriate; or, in the case of Native Samoans and other Natives of the South Sea Islands, according...
Page 90 - Samoans in good faith, for a valuable consideration, in a regular and customary manner. Any dispute as to the fact or regularity of such sale shall be examined and determined by the Commission, subject to the revision and confirmation of the Court.
Page 92 - ... by the taxpayers thereof qualified as aforesaid, and the members elected from each electoral district shall have resided therein for at least six months prior to their election. It shall be the duty of the Consular Representatives of the Three Treaty Powers to make the said division into electoral districts as soon as practicable after the signing of this act. In case they fail to agree thereon, the Chief Justice shall define the electoral districts.
Page 91 - Section 10. In cases where land acquired in good faith has been improved or cultivated upon a title which is found to be defective, the title may be confirmed in whole or in part upon the payment by the occupant to the person or persons entitled thereto of an additional sum to be ascertained by the Commission and approved by the Court as equitable and just. Section 11.
Page 87 - Powers, respectively, and the Government of Samoa, it is mutually declared that in every case where.' the provisions of this Act shall be inconsistent with any provision of such treaty or treaties, the provisions of this Act shall prevail. Considering further, that the consent of the Samoan Government is requisite to the validity of the stipulations hereinafter contained, the Three Powers mutually agree to request the assent of the Samoan Government to the same, which, when given, shall be certified...
Page 87 - He shall receive an annual salary of six thousand dollars (doll. 6000,oo) in gold, or its equivalent, to be paid the first year in equal proportions by the Three Treaty Powers, and afterward out of the revenues of Samoa apportioned to the use of the Samoan Government, upon which his compensation shall be the first charge. Any deficiency therein shall be made good by the Three Powers in equal shares. The powers of the...
Page 93 - ... authorized; and to provide proper fines and penalties for the violation of the laws and ordinances which shall be in force in said District and not in conflict with this Act, including sanitary and police regulations. They shall establish pilot charges, port dues, quarantine and other regulations of the port of Apia, and may establish a local postal system. They shall also fix the...
Page 89 - Chief Justice of Samoa. Each Commissioner shall receive during his necessary term of service, a compensation at the rate of three hundred dollars per month and his reasonable fare to and from Samoa. The reasonable and necessary expenses of the Commission for taking evidence and making surveys (such expenses to be approved by the Chief Justice) shall also be paid; one third by each of the Treaty Powers. The compensation of the Natives' Advocate shall be fixed and paid by the Samoan Government.

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