Weissenborn's Homeric Life, Volume 4

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American Book Co., 1903 - Epic poetry, Greek - 144 pages
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Page 14 - THE Iliads of HOMER, Prince of Poets, never before in any language truly translated, with a Comment on some of his chief PlacesDone according to the Greek by GEORGE CHAPMAN, with Intro.
Page 116 - XIII, 583. Y, 91), and that topmost crest is Gargarus,1 rising almost six thousand feet, blue and majestic, its ranges broken by river valleys, until at last a line of hills runs to the Hellespont and completes the eastern boundary of the Trojan Plain. On this summit sat Zeus, ' ' exulting in glory, looking down upon the city of the Trojans and the ships of the Achaeans
Page 126 - We who are no scholars allow ourselves to be guided solely by military instinct to the spot which, in old times as well as now, men would have selected for an inaccessible citadel.
Page 14 - Bennett and George P. Bristol, The Teaching of Latin and Greek in the Secondary School, (NY, Longmans, Green, and Co., [1901]), 85-103; Mason D.
Page 62 - Andromache spoke to Hector as he was going into battle: "Since the death of my parents and of my brothers and sisters, and since the destruction of my home, you, O Hector, have been father, mother, and brother to me.
Page 139 - Hissarlik were at a completely different and altogether lower stage of civilization than the royal race of Mycenae. Scarcely half a dozen objects have been found which show a point of contact. If, therefore, Homer correctly describes the Achaeans, his Trojans are quite imaginary.
Page 17 - Dorpfeld, Troja, 1893. Bericht iiber die im Jahre 1893 in Troja veranstalteten Ausgrabungen, Leipzig.
Page 64 - Those who conducted the bride from the home of her parents to that of her husband were furnished with garments for the occasion.
Page 61 - Love and fidelity of the wife form the fundamental thought of the whole Odyssey.

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