Well Won

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J.A. Taylor, 1891 - Dime novels, American - 146 pages
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Page 96 - Nobody complains except the Upholsterer. M. de Soulanges and M. de Ronquerolles and the rest are content ! When one thinks that if that cuirassier had been man enough to be killed with the rest of them, I should be snug at my Avonne gate at this day, and that he has turned me topsy-turvy till I don't know whether I am on my head or my heels...
Page 27 - What is the matter with you, Louisa ? " was Mary's not very relevant reply; "you look as if you were in some kind of trouble." "Oh, nothing particular, only I am always wrong about something or other ; and I fear I shall never be right.
Page 25 - The page entered and set the breakfast, while the irate master continued : " I stumbled over a broom and a mat ! — a mat and a broom, by Jove ! as I came down. Lift this," pointing to the cover, and addressing the page.
Page 34 - Deal, who had become head of the firm on the death of the honest old cabinet-maker, his father, had not yet appeared above the visible horizon. He was an exaggerated specimen of the modern fashionable tradesman, who incongruously combines the fine gentleman with the...
Page 78 - It is very odd," he murmured at last. " I can't find that promissory note. Where the deuce can I have put it?" pulling his whiskers meditatively. " What an infernal young scamp ! to let me in for fifty pounds ! and I haven't met him three times ! Forgery, too ! It will be an unpleasant business.
Page 128 - He began to untwist the cord, when he again made a sudden pause, and looked out intently into the garden. "Who is that lunatic down there, without his hat?
Page 81 - I think he would help me ! At any rate, it would be better than to let his sister suffer. She has borne so much. And now, when she is just learning to manage Mr. Thorpe, it would be sad to have her thrown back. She does so want to win her husband's love.
Page 81 - I tell her she is very foolish ; for the more you want a man to do anything, the more he won't do it ! " " I see you are a keen observer, Miss ?
Page 126 - Deal, he is a little peculiar, and I wish you would be so good as to go away." '' I am gone ! " replied Adolphus, with what he intended for an air of chivalrous devotion. " Yes, do go ; you can call to-morrow, you know, about the ottoman.
Page 127 - ... tripped over the lost head-gear, picked it up, and dropped it into an obscure corner between the window and the piano, where the ample curtains concealed it.

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