West African Islands

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Chapman and Hall, limited, 1885 - Africa, West - 352 pages

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Page 16 - I place myself under the protection of its laws, which I claim from your Royal Highness as the most powerful, the most constant, and the most generous of my enemies.
Page 167 - It is about a mile in length, and a quarter of a mile in breadth, but contracts at both ends.
Page 113 - Mulatto, a large black Schooner from The Havannah, which made 2 or 3 voyages to the Coast, carried off a great number of free Negroes , and beat the Princess Charlotte off. 6th. A large black Schooner, her companion, which also beat the Princess Charlotte off. 7th. The Paz, which, under the American Flag» beat off the Princess Charlotte, and killed several of her men. 8th. The Leal Portuguese, a large Brig under Portuguese Colours, with 12 or 14 guns, fought the Princess Charlotte off Lagos for...
Page 3 - Only in comparatively recent years has this pest come under a measure of control. However, the goats evidently kept out of the cultivated area during Cavendish's visit, for he described the valley as 'so full of fruit-trees and excellent plants that it seemed like a fair and well-cultivated garden, having long rows of lemon, orange, citron, pomegranate, date and figtrees, delighting the eye with blossoms, green and ripe fruit all at once'.
Page 5 - Governor ; but, by being com" plained of by many of the Commanders, Governor Poi" rier did alter it, and we have not brought these people in " again ; and this Governor is of opinion, that nobody " ought to sit at table with him that is not cleanly drest, " and that has an infectious distemper on him, or that is
Page 312 - Find the ratio (i) of the momenta, (ii) of the kinetic energies of a mass of 8 oz. moving at the rate of a mile and a half an hour, and a mass io kilogrammes moving at the rate of 2 metres per second.
Page 245 - ... Another shot struck the rear-admiral on the elbow, just as he was drawing his sword and stepping out of the boat. It completely disabled him, and he was carried back to his ship. A third shot went through and sank the boat in which captain Bowen had embarked ; whereby seven or eight seamen perished. In spite of all this opposition, the British effected a landing; and stormed and carried the mole head, notwithstanding it was defended by 300 or 400 men, and six 24-pounders. Having spiked these,...
Page 331 - Oliver he was in such a whirl of novel excitement consequent on all he had gone through, that he scarcely knew whether he was standing on his head or his heels. " Jemmy's to go to work to-morrow at the factory," he remarked in the most ordinary manner, patting Oliver on the shoulder ; you'll take charge of him, Jerry, and see that none of the rough ones knock him about.
Page 309 - Here and there are houses, whose gleaming white walls glisten amidst the surrounding foliage, and higher up the heather and pine throw a dark mantle over the peaks ; until, some 5000 feet above the sea, the mountains join hands with the white canopy of clouds which crowns them. As the steamer ploughs along, a ravine; with precipitous and rugged sides that yawn far back into the bosom of the hills until they are veiled in misty distance is opened up ; or a hamlet of toy houses, with white walls, green...
Page 85 - The European stock in trade, down to recent times, consisted of trinkets and rum, which did not benefit the African but rather degraded him. Speaking of a West African factory, Herbertson said, "Nothing is manufactured in these places; and they are when all is said, shops, in which cotton prints, rum, gin, powder, beads, and cheap muskets are bartered for native produce.

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