West Virginia Medical Journal, Volume 10

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West Virginia State Medical Association., 1915 - Medicine
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Page 139 - Assistant Surgeon in the Public Health Service. Candidates must be between 23 and 32 years of age, graduates of a reputable medical college and must furnish testimonials from two responsible persons as to their professional and moral character. Credit will be given in the examination for service in hospitals for the insane or experience
Page 18 - there it was, that had once been so soft, so shapely, so white, so gracious and bountiful, so full of all blessed conditions—hard as a stone, a center of horrid pain, making that pale face, with its gray, lucid, reasonable eyes, and its sweet, resolved mouth express the full measure of suffering overcome.
Page vi - Southern Surgical and Gynecological Societies, and a number of sectional and state organizations. All these professional bodies have endorsed the design of the National Cancer Society as expressed in its Constitution : ''To disseminate knowledge concerning the symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of cancer, to investigate the conditions under which cancer is found and to compile statistics in regard thereto.
Page 139 - Washington, D. C, and at the Marine Hospitals of Boston, Mass., New York, NY, Chicago, 111 St. Louis Mo Louisville, Ky., New Orleans, La. and San Francisco, Cal., on Monday November 1, 1915, at 10 o'clock am, for the purpose of examining candidates for admission to
Page 402 - fined not less than five hundred dollars, nor more than one thousand dollars, and may. also at the discretion of the court or jury trying the case, be imprisoned in the penitentiary for not less than one nor more than five years ; and, in addition thereto, his license to
Page 397 - Clinical study of 921 operatively and pathologically demonstrated cases, by Frank Smithies, MD, Gastro-enterologist to Augustana Hospital, Chicago. With a chapter on the Surgical Treatment of Gastric Cancer, by Albert J. Ochsner, MD, Professor of Clinical Surgery in the University of Illinois. Octavo of 522 pages with 106 illustrations. Philadelphia and London. WB Saunders
Page 139 - FLIES AND DIARRHEAL DISEASE. Publication No. 91, New York Association for Improving the Condition of the Poor. The Bureau of Public Health and Hygiene of the New York Association for Improving the Condition of the Poor has issued a special publication entitled. "Flies and Diarrhea! Disease
Page 281 - MEDICINE. By James M. Anders, MD, Ph. D., LL. D., Professor of Medicine and Clinical Medicine, Medico-Chirurgical College, Philadelphia. Twelfth Edition, thoroughly revised. Octavo of 1336 pages, fully illustrated. Philadelphia and London : WB Saunders
Page 18 - Don't think them heartless ; they are neither better nor worse than you or I. They get over their professional horrors ' and into their proper work—and in them pity as an emotion, ending in itself or at
Page 402 - hundred dollars, and for the second or any subsequent offense, shall be fined not less than five hundred dollars, nor more than one thousand dollars, and may.

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