Western Civilization: A Brief Guide from Prehistory to the Space Age

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Marston, 1976 - Civilization - 241 pages
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against alliance allies Arius army Asia Minor Athenian Athens Atlantic Charter Austria Austria-Hungary Austro-Prussian War battle Battle of Adrianople Battle of Tours became began boyars Britain Byzantine Empire Carthage Catholic caused Century Charles Christian Church civilization clergy colonies Commercial Revolution Congress of Berlin Congress of Vienna conquered Consul Continental System Council of Constance countries Crimean War Curia Regis defeated Diadochi Diplomatic Revolution doctrine Donation of Pepin Dutch Republic Eastern Roman Emperor economic Edict of Milan Egypt England English established Europe European Fertile Crescent feudal forced France French French Revolution gave Germany Girondists Greece Greek Hapsburg Henry Hohenstaufens Hohenzollern Holy Roman Emperor Holy Roman Empire Huguenots Italy John of England king land later leader League League of Nations liberum veto Louis Louis XIV Magna Graecia major Merovingian military Mithraism monarchy monotheism Moslem Mycenae Napoleon Napoleon III nations Neoplatonism Netherlands nobles Octavian Odoacer oligarchy Ostrogoths Ottoman Empire Papacy Paris Paris Peace Conference Parliament Pax Romana peace Peloponnesian War Persian philosophy plebians Poland political Pope Prester John Protestant Protestant reformers reforms reign religion religious Renaissance Republic result Revolution Roman Emperor Roman Republic Rome rule ruler Russia Salic Law Samnites Sardinia-Piedmont Scholasticism Second Punic War Second Triumvirate Seljuk Turks Serbia Soviet Union Spain Spanish Sparta Stalin Sumeria territory Teutonic Knights Third Crusade Third Estate throne trade Treaty Triple Entente Tsar Turkey United University of Paris Visigoths Western Western Roman Empire William the Conqueror World War World War II Yalta Conference Zemski Sobor

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