Wet Dreams and Zoloft

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Lulu Enterprises Incorporated, 2006 - Fiction - 264 pages
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Wet Dreams and Zoloft is a humorous coming-of-age novel by Jason Madsen that aims its guns right at Generation Rx. Somewhat based on the author‚€™s own experiences with agoraphobia and panic disorder, the book follows a young teenager who‚€™s afraid of‚€¶well, just about everything.Eighteen-year-old Kyle Crane is pretty much the poster boy for problems. His mother went crazy and ran off to Spain, his father has been missing for years, and he hasn‚€™t left his house in‚€¶well, for as long as he can remember‚€”but his mom keeps paying the bills, so he‚€™s not complaining. If those things weren‚€™t bad enough, one day an interesting mishap with a tennis ball introduces him to Angela, a free-spirited, and sometimes‚€¶aggressive young girl who makes it her mission in life to bug the hell out of him. Before he knows it, Kyle finds himself on a road trip with Angela to California to find his missing father, and hopefully some answers to his problems.

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