What Do You Call It?: Humour. Tribalism. Love. Culture. Revenge. Cool. REMIXED

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AuthorHouse, Sep 20, 2010 - Fiction - 552 pages
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London, England. The year two-thousand and whatever. The far right political group the British National Front (BNF) are gaining massive popularity and are expected to make huge inroads into British mainstream in the next general election.

A secret agency semi-attached to the government cannot allow this to happen. To have a right wing group anywhere near government would make Britain an international laughing stock and the British like being taken seriously.

The agency gets to work. Their plan is to arrange to allow some of BNF's lowest and stupidest members to kill an innocent Black youth. It should be as bloody, violent but most importantly be as public as possible. It's not the kind of operation that they like to perform on British home soil but `needs must' and all that. It shouldn't be too difficult and they don't anticipate any problems. They just need to choose a Black youth. Any youth will do. It's not personal, it's just politics.

Kob Armah is the Black youth they mistakenly choose. This story is about him. Kob (for short or Benjamin Kobla Nii-Armah for long) doesn't care about British politics. He has enough Londoneze African problems of his own. He survives the attack in one piece. The same cannot be said about two of his attackers.

Kob chooses to hide in Ghana to until things cool off...but that's where his enemies follow him. All of them.


It's the Crime Comedy story that capers from London to Accra then back to London.

It's got a cool inner-city star, beautiful women, urban to tropical locations, regular bad-guys, secret bad-guys, races, car chases, white van chases, knives, guns...

and Supermalt.

What more could you ask for?


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About the author (2010)

`What Do You Call It?' is the debut novel from East London writer Gbontwi Anyetei.It's not highly acclaimed or hugely anticipated...because it's from the underground and nobody's expecting THIS book.Gbontwi Anyetei was born in West Africa and raised in East London. He serves at her majesty's pleasure in the London borough of Hackney. He's not in prison (never has and never will be). It's just to the Queen's pleasure when he remains in Hackney.In his books, short stories, screenplays and other writing projects Gbontwi aims to deliver an eclectic humour as well as `Negritude' not often found in Black interest books from Africa and from the African Diaspora. Gbontwi wants to do for Accra what Guy Ritchie did for London and what `Taxi' did for Marseilles and what `Seinfeld' did for Jews.Look out for his second book `N* Record 2012'produced under the imprint `HACKDONGA'.`N* Record 2012' will be a diary-planner featuring important dates from Black history, humour, African proverbs and quotations being published in Autumn 2010. In the mean time, send your questions, complaints and opportunities to pay him at hackdonga@live.co.ukKeep an eye on Gbontwi Anyetei's blog at http://hackdonga.blogspot.com and information on Gbontwi's upcoming projects will be available on his website www.hackdonga.net.By the way, Gbontwi is pronounced `BON'chewy'. The `G' is silent but predicate.

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