What Is Ignostic Judaism?: Thoughts of A Secular, Humanistic, Cultural, Ignostic Jew Regarding Science, Religion and Faith

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AuthorHouse, 2011 - Philosophy - 160 pages
An atheist does not believe in God. An agnostic is uncertain about the existence of a God. The scientific community agrees that the Universe was formed with the "Big Bang" and that it is impossible to determine where, how or why this took place. Rabbi Sherwin T. Wine, founder of the Institute for Secular Humanistic Judaism, coined the term "Ignostic" to describe one who believes that it is futile to try to determine what preceded this event and who did it. Therefore one should live without reference to "God." as a supernatural being. Furthermore, you can do God's work and not believe in God. This book is not intended to challenge those who believe in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. . My suggestion is NOT to read this guidebook until you have studied some science and are perplexed, uncertain or skeptical about the Universe. and its origin. The evolution through the millenniums of the tribe that in time became the Jews and their religion is told. Rationalizations to explain the Holocaust and the differences between Authoritative and Humanistic religions are examined. A list of the atrocities that Religions have perpetrated is summarized. And the need for one to have faith is emphasized. A list of the major organizations for Cultural, Secular and Humanistic Judaism are comprised as well as other source material is given. Book II of "Serious Narishkite" (foolishness) is also included. Our Jewish Religion is a treasure trove of delight based on a four thousand year history. Our collective culture includes architecture, art, ceremonies, customs, holidays, languages, literature, music, rituals, traditions, as well as the altruistic moral code and ethical teachings that Judaism advocates and embraces. Do not deprive yourself and future generations of our heritage, our Y'rusha!.

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Table of Contents Page 4 Preface
Chapter I Science
Chapter II Religion Page 26 Generations sought solutions and created answers
_ Hasludaism evolved? Page 41 Judaism without the supernatural without revelation
Ancient literature and our Bible
The lnquisitions Page 93 Who are the Neturei Karta?
Do not throw out the baby with the bath water
An open letter to my grandchildren
Epilogue Ignorance is not bliss it is oblivion Problem 1 Intelligent Design
Problem 2 Gay marriage and Abortion Page 100 Problem 3 Dar al Islam
Chapter IV The Organizations Page 104 International Federation for Secular HumanisticJudaism
The Center for Cultural Judaism
The Jewish Cultural School and Society The Congress of Secular Jewish Organizations

My Epiphany
Does Religion promote Peace or A Piece of
Thou shall have no other Gods For I am a Jealous God
Where is the benevolent God who loves everyone?
Rationalizations to explain Auschwitz
Authoritarian vs Humanistic Religions Page 69 Religion and Democratic Government
Proud to be a Jew Page 72 An agenda for a lgnostic Jew Page 76 The Hebrew and Aramaic languages anchor us to the past English leads us to the fut...
Chapter III Faith Page 84 Have Faith and Enjoy the Benefits
How religion distorts
Rudyard Kiplings If Page 115 John Lennons lmagine Page 116 Langdon Smiths Evoution A love story Page 120 Do you plan to live on and on and ...
Who is wise who is rich who is successful?
Ed Brodys Jevvs for Cheeses Page 124 Hel explained by a Univ of Washington student Page 126 Hello your call is important to
Index of People
Index of Rabbis
Miscellaneous index
Index of Quotations

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Curriculum Vitae of the Autodidact Ed Brody bull; Graduated West Side High School, Newark, NJ with top honors in math and science for male students 1942. bull; Was the base pharmacy technician with rank of sergeant in the Army of the United States (Air Corp) as the for 5,000 plus airmen and ground crews, 448th Bomb Group, 8th Air Force, stationed at Seething, East Anglia, England, 1943-1945. bull; Graduated cum laude Illinois College of Chiropody and Foot Surgery, 1948 which was renamed The Dr. Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine, Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science, North Chicago, IL. bull; Practiced chiropody for a few years, married and joined the family children's shoe business in Newark, NJ. bull; When Dad suffered a stroke in 1965, became the President. Expanded the business and by 1985, sold both Brody's StrideRite shoe stores in Woodbridge Center, Woodbridge, NJ. and retired. bull; Member of the Board, Bergen Street Merchants Association, 1952-1978. bull; Founding Board Member, Woodbridge Center Lions Club, 1971-1985. bull; Member of the Board of the Woodbridge Center Merchants Association, 1984-1985. bull; Presented a four part lecture series to senior groups at the Jewish Community Centers in West Orange and Whippany, NJ and to the Essex County Chapter of Brandeis Women on Hitler's Entartete Kunst/Degenerate Art Exhibit of 1937-1942. Also lectured on other artists. to senior groups at William Patterson University and Caldwell College, NJ. bull; Board Member of The Jewish Historical Society of MetroWest (1993-current.) Prepared a 86 page Manual for Oral Historians and lecture on how to produce a proper Oral History. bull; Produced unpublished manuscripts: "Merchants of Newark," their experiences and reactions to the 1967 Riots. And another essay on "The Shoe Dog's Book," about the shoe business. bull; Am a facilitator at the US-TOO Prostate Support Group at Morristown Memorial Hospital.

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