What Is Our Origin?: What Is the Origin of This All? Does God Have a Form? Is Our Origin Both, Without and with Form?

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AuthorHouse, 2007 - Body, Mind & Spirit - 208 pages
"What Is Our Origin?" is an exciting reading about some of the basic questions about our origin. Dr. Laj Utreja develops simple concepts based on his experiences gained from childhood through the adult age. With an uncommon ability he connects those concepts to make a logical whole that he calls commonsensical. In sequel to his earlier book, "Who Are We?" Laj puts forth another one of his provocative thesis that invisibility of truth is inherent in the truth itself. It is the very genesis of illusion that masks the truth prior to manifestation. Correspondingly, it is impossible to know the truth through reasoning alone. Whether God is without form, with form, or both is a subject of enquiry. The truth reveals itself when one is not attached to one's observations, reasoning, and faith and the conclusion there from concur. It is the only sovereign knowledge that needs to be understood and realized. For rationalists, who resort to reason for knowledge, and for staunch believers, who have fixed ideas about the truth, "What is our origin?" provides a piercing insight. Laj's professional experience covers a wide range of disciplines related to the U.S. space and defense programs. He has worked in various capacities, as hands-on engineer, as technical leader in people management, and as CEO of a small business in developing corporate vision. In 2001, he received the George M. Low award, NASA's highest honor for quality and technical performance to a small business. He has also taught courses in engineering and philosophy at various schools. Having spent most of his adult life studying Sanaatana Dharma, he enjoys talking about its applications as part of cross-cultural understanding to variousgroups and organizations. Laj is very active with the Interfaith Mission Service of the Greater Tennessee Valley and arranges interfaith and diversity summits to promote understanding among different faith, race and cultural groups. He is founder of the Institute of Spiritual Healing where he teaches certain Vedic disciplines for the body to heal itself by developing healing consciousness. Healing consciousness is a state of effectiveness in any situation of health or sickness. For enquiry about the book, or healing, write to: ish0001@aol.com, or visit the website: www.lajutreja.com

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