What Smart Women Know

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Rowman & Littlefield, 2000 - Family & Relationships - 200 pages
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Most women get smart the hard way, through first hand experience, and they have the scars to prove it. Painful memories of sleepless nights, tears, confusion, anger, self-doubt, and anxiety can teach you about life, love, and relationships, but that is a high price to pay for wisdom. There is an easier way for women to get smart -- an easier way to acquire the kind of information needed to handle relationships wisely without having to go through the traumatic events that often accompany the acquisition of such knowledge. How? By listening and learning from the experiences of other women. Wisdom without pain, understanding without heartache, insight without melodrama -- that is what this book is all about. The smartest women know that getting smart doesn't have to hurt.

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Required reading for all women

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Just get it and read it! Its filled with wisdom for the modern sophisticated woman! Read full review


No woman is born smart
A Smart Woman knows that Her Most Valuable Sense is a Sense of Self
Experience is What You Get When you Dont Get What you Want
Obsessions have no Real Place in a Smart Womans Life
God Created Dating So that a Woman could discover the Bad News about a man before She get involved with him not after ...
A Sense of Self means knowing What you have to Offer and not Offering it too Quickly
A Smart Woman Knows that Mr Right Isnt Always Mr Obvious
A Smart Woman Knows How to Tell the Good Guys from the Bad Guys
If a man seems obsessed with trying to control you and your behavior he is being emotionally abusive ...
Its never smart to bend yourself into a pretzel trying to accommodate a man
Its not smart to set up a pattern in a relationship in which he becomes the Sultan and you becomes the grape peeler ...
A Smart Woman Knows When to Cut Her Losses
Its always smart to find out as much as possible about a man before you get involved with him not after ...
If you are trying to turn your life into a soap opera its time to change the channel
Smart Women know that Its Smart to think Twice and Ask Many Questions Before Countinuing a Relationship with ...
Playing hard to get and being hard to get Acting as though youre not that interested in him and actively pursuing your own interests ...

A Smart Woman Knows the Difference Between Being Special and Being Just Another Victim ...
What Do Smart Women Know About Sex and Dating?
A Smart Woman has the Good Sense to Appreciate Those Times in Her Life When She is without a Relationship ...
Sexual addiction is a very complex problem and you cant help solve it
If He has never been Faithful to any other woman dont expect himself to be faithful to you ...
Often both are happening at the same time
The average man is as worried about sexually transmitted diseases as you are
The only time you should believe the man who say Ill pull out is when youre waiting for his parking space ...
Getting pregnant is not the perfect way to start a new relationship
Its not smart to hang on to the pain
If he doesnt make you feel good about yourself then hes not good for you
A Smart Woman knows How to Give love without giving up a part of herself
Smart Women know the Difference between Fantasy and Reality
How you fantasize about motherhood depends upon whether or not you are a mother
If you Try to do it all at the Same Time then Something is Going to Get Shortchangedit will Probably be your Needs ...
In the Fantasy World Marriage is a Solution to everything In the Real world even the best Marriages have Conflicts and Problems ...
Its not easy to be smartbut that shouldnt keep you from trying

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